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Daily Archives: August 15, 2008

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by Natalie Leung
Chief  Executive  Edmund  Ho  Hau Wah  said  yesterday  at  the  Legisla- tive Assembly that he would create a “favourable governing environment”  for his  successor who he believed would lead Macau  in a “better way”. 

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Image   Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah said yesterday at the Legislative Assembly that he would create a“favourable governing environment” for his successor who he believed would lead Macau in a “better way”.

Election for the next Macau SAR Chief Executive and their cabinet will be held in May 2009, with Mr Ho’s term ending at the end of the same year. The Chief Executive, for the second time this year since April, attended the Legislative Assembly for two hours to answer questions posed by lawmakers about different government policies and measures. Yesterday a total of 16 lawmakers raised their questions addressing the government about inflation, the education system and vocation training, public housing, social welfare, thefinancial reserve system as well as reconstruction efforts for post-quake Sichuan. According to Mr Ho, Macau’s society had experienced rapid changes in recent years which provoked a lot of new challenges as well as problems “left over from history”.
However, he said the government always had the responsibility to keep reinforcing its governing capability which should not be affected by a change in the cabinet, adding he believed that the new Chief Executive would
“better lead” the SAR. Following April’s announcement of a onetime subsidy for all Macau residents, lawmaker
Fong Chi Keong asked the chief what other actions the government could take to relieve people’s hardship under the current high inflation rate. Mr Ho said the government would continue to review the effectiveness of all measures introduced, and emphasised again that more anti-in-flation schemes could be launched if necessary.
He admitted that rising living costs were caused by many external factors in which the Macau government could not do much to solve the problem of. Yesterday he appealed to society that he hoped retail prices would not increase at the same rate as inflation and companies would not cut staff to try to reduce costs, as he said
the government could not intervene in the free market with any regulations or laws. As for Macau’s economic development next year, the Chief Executive told the Assembly that they could not be “too optimistic” after
years of “sky-rocketing” growth. Thus he said the 2009 policy blueprint would adopt a more “cautious” approach and consider different “uncertain factors” as well as economic impacts caused by inflation.


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