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Matthew Marsh

DOB: 24 September 1968
POB: Welwyn, England
Marital Status: Married

Marsh is living the dream 

“The Guia Circuit has not changed over the years except for the  surrounding buildings and the road surface. The vibes are still the same with young guys coming out to make a name for themselves . I sometimes wonder whether the organisers even know whether the track is really the best in the world. It is really a journey. I have been involved in the Grand Prix since the 1990's and this place holds so much importance to me. I live the dream of being a racing hero. Last week, I was in Bahrain and now I am in Macau. The Macau Grand Prix is a unique sporting event and this is the 55th year,” he said.
“I have been a motor racing person all my life and my father was in the races as well. I love representing Hong Kong and I am very proud to be an immigrant who has lived in Hong Kong since the 1990's.
He started off as a TV commentator and moved on to being a racer. I feel that whatever I think becomes reality,” he said.
“I am very superstitious too”, he said. His wife Jessie gave him a jade pendant on a necklace to protect him whilst he is in the car. In May 2008, he actually achieved 18th position among 230 racers which was a brilliant experience and feels it may have something to do with this jade necklace. This year his car is number 88 and garage is number 16 which are lucky numbers for Chinese people.
He has also been involved with the kids at Fountain of Hope. “Most of the young children these days who come up to me say I want to be a Grand Prix Racer,” he said. His advice to young racers would be to be realistic because it is really about the passion behind driving. “It is all about putting your heart and soul into what you are doing.”