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Parking fine payments double

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by Nigel Huxtable


The number of parking tickets paid in the last month almost doubled compared with October as tougher penalties for non-payment began taking affect, according to figures released by Public Security Police yesterday.



In November motorists paid 9,651 illegal parking tickets, more than half of the 16,776 issued for the month.

The paid tickets represent a rise of more than 80 percent over October when 5,346 issued tickets were settled.

From October 1, a new traffic law was brought in. Additional to regulations regarding the use of seat-belts and mobile phones, tougher penalties for non-payment of parking fines were introduced.

Vehicle and motorbike drivers with outstanding tickets are no longer able to renew their license and registration until the tickets are paid.

The move sparked numerous demonstrations with thousands of scooter-riding protesters demanding more legal parking spots.

The number of parking tickets handed out rose by more than 14 percent last month compared with October with a total of 16,776 notices written for parking meter offences and “prosecutions on public roads”.

Under the new system drivers receive a 20 percent discount for paying a parking fine within two weeks of receiving it.

The month of the Macau Grand Prix saw speeding infringements drop by more than 40 percent to 1,025 for the month.

Regulations prohibiting the use of a mobile phone while driving also appear to be having affect with the number of infringements dropping from 49 in October to 20 last month. Vehicles that were caught running a red light also dropped from 217 in October to 106 last month.

More than 530,330 tickets have been issued to November this year up more than 10 percent over last year.

The police were unable to provide monthly payment figures for previous months.


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