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Comedy: Dead parrots and lumberjacks please Python fans

Comedy is a bit like history. It repeats itself, and what started out as satire can mellow into farce.The Monty Python troupe burst forth from ... Full story

'Begin' celebrates healing power of music

Begin Again" sees Irish writer-director John Carney on a larger canvas, revisiting themes from his lo-fi 2006 indie hit "Once" — chief among them the ... Full story

Polanski and 'Venus in Fur' are a match

Roman Polanski. Sadomasochism. What could possible go wrong?The combination of director and subject material in "Venus in Fur" is wickedly perverse, just as it should ... Full story

Lovely visuals, smart writing in ‘Dragon’

You thought it was tricky to train a dragon?It’s even trickier to take a much-admired animated film and make a sequel that feels satisfying and ... Full story

A pitch-perfect Woodley anchors ‘Fault’ 

Let’s start with the obvious. For its core audience, “The Fault in Our Stars” is essentially critic-proof. If you’re a fan of the wildly popular ... Full story

‘Million Ways’ is Seth’s take on Western

Seth MacFarlane might’ve picked a safer place to make his lead-acting debut than “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” his directorial follow-up to ... Full story

DRIVE IN: 'Words' is a witty adult rom-com

If it wasn't for the charming top-liners who can make literary dialogue sound sexy in their sleep, the war in Fred Schepisi's "Words and Pictures" ... Full story

Chilling 'Godzilla' reboot upholds legacy

No one can blame Gareth Edwards for admittedly feeling nervous when asked to helm a remake of the biggest monster movie of all time. Sure, ... Full story

Rogen, Efron wage comic war in 'Neighbors'

If ever two genres of film were inextricably intertwined, it would seem to be the frat house movie and the gross-out comedy. After all, do ... Full story

Garfield-Stone chemistry saves Spidey 2

Deep into “The Amazing Spider-Man 2,” my 11-year-old companion was confused about a certain plot point — justifiably, I’d say — and demanded an immediate ... Full story

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