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MDT FEATURE | Cartas de Sapana: Bringing back meaningful words

Patrícia Cardoso - a 27-year-old Portuguese living in Brazil - knew people who had never received a letter. Yes, that letter we used to write ... Full story

GAMING: A USD20 Million Poker Game Redefines ‘High Stakes’

More than 40 people have paid USD1 million apiece to play in an unusual poker tournament this weekend. Its buy-in is 100 times that of ... Full story

World Cup deserters gaze homeward as games advance in Brazil

Mariana Veloso helped bring Rio de Janeiro to a halt last year by joining hundreds of thousands opposing the World Cup. The event survived the ... Full story

NEWS OF THE WORLD: 'Transformers' tries for delicate US-China balance

Dazzling special effects, Optimus Prime ... and Beijing. The latest "Transformers" movie has all three, mixing Texas-based action with scenes in China's capital and a ... Full story

CUBA: Fidel’s former limos reborn as Havana taxicabs

In a former life they were the “comandante’s” cars: A fleet of black, boxy, Soviet-made limousines that for years were at the disposal of the ... Full story

TRAVELOGUE | ITALY: Naples, green and clean, now bike-friendly

Luca Simeone rides his bike along the sunny beachfront of Naples while his little daughter sleeps on the baby seat.It may sound ordinary, but this ... Full story

DIPLOMACY: US, Iran, longtime enemies, now potential partners

It’s the fog of diplomacy.For years, Iran has been an archenemy of the United States. Now, with alliances blurred in the Mideast, the two countries ... Full story

Sarajevo: The slaying that set off World War I

A century after Gavrilo Princip ignited World War I with a shot from his handgun, the baby-faced Serb teenager who assassinated the Austro-Hungarian crown prince ... Full story

TANK MAN: The untold story behind one of the world’s most famous photographs

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but what about when that picture represents the unspoken hopes of an entire generation? On June 5th ... Full story

WORLD CUP: One World Futbol passes out indestructible balls

Poor children around the globe come up with creative ways to make their own footballs, kicking rolled up tape, fishing nets or even broken off ... Full story

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