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Exclusive Letters from Brazil

Pen pals are a childhood memory for most of us. The habit of writing a letter to an old friend or to a complete stranger ... Full story

Hollywood & China Inc.

Last year, there were 49 official co-productions in China, the majority of which were with Hong Kong and Taiwanese companies. But with "Transformers: Age of ... Full story

The Great War revisited: 100 years ago in Sarajevo

When the mass slaughter known as the Great War ended in 1918, it had claimed some 14 million lives and left another 7 million troops ... Full story

Forever a ball

An indestructible blue ball being distributed in needy regions holds quite a promise for poor children around the world: It will never pop, even when ... Full story

A Sino-American Symphony

* The Philadelphia Orchestra tours China and Macau again Considered one of the greatest in the world, the Philadelphia Orchestra played a role in the establishment ... Full story

New York’s “Wild West” to become “Hong Kong on the Hudson”

One of the biggest private construction projects in the U.S. is transforming a stretch of Manhattan’s West Side into a cluster of 20 new buildings ... Full story

Raw Food Thought, About Katya, Wellness and Healthy Food

From Russia to Macau, Katya launched her own project, “Live & Love Healthy,” last year and has since become a raw food chef, a wellness ... Full story

A Diva by a Diva: Kidman’s ‘Grace’ Steals the red carpet show at Cannes

But ‘Grace of Monaco’ can’t win the Palme d’Or! No matter how brilliant the movie or Nicole Kidman’s performance as the legendary Grace Kelly may ... Full story

Financialize Marijuana

At the same time US federal authorities launched a country-wide police blitz targeting synthetic drugs operations,an American state is making historyby approving the world’s first ... Full story

A Poem in Fog and Glass

The Glass House, architect Philip Johnson's iconic Modernist structure set in the woods - in the US state of Connecticut - has been wrapped in ... Full story

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