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The middle of spring is a great time to enjoy the outdoor. Standing at the footbridge at City of Dreams, I can hear an enchanting song sung by a soprano near a white piano, a refreshing moment inside the continentally designed garden, where the leading international cognac, Hennessy, is hosting an event titled “A Journey of Pure Indulgence.” It is indeed a magnificent night, as celebrities and socialites are invited to witness the arrival of the new Paradis decanter design and enjoy a cognac and food pairing experience.
Hennessy Paradis, an elegant, voluptuous cognac blend was created in 1979 by Hennessy master blender, Maurice Fillioux. A fruit of successive blends that combine several hundred exceptional eaux-de-vie aged from 25 to 130 years from the Paradis cellar, it is a cognac of finely crafted and precious eaux-de-vie possessing an array of aromas in perfect harmony, taking its name from legendary place at the Hennessy Maison, while “Paradis” refers to the cellar used exclusively for the ageing of Hennessy’s most exceptional eaux-de-vie.
Ferruccio Laviani, who designed the new Hennessy Paradis decanter and its tulip glass, renewed the entire design universe of this cognac.
Born in 1960 in Cremona, Italy, he has distinguished himself with his designs for contemporary luxury objects over the past twenty years with innovative, inviting lines and forms that speak the language of modernity. His audacity in mixing classical baroque style with minimalism has made him one of the major figures in Italian design.
In the new design, the Paradis carafe has been elongated, emphasizing the shape of its contours. A precious crystalline cabochon has also been added to the new stopper, together with a more sensual “wing” incorporated on both sides of the carafe, giving a play of light and transparent mode to the more rounded, expressive and exquisite appearance to the bottle.
Hennessy’s extravagant “Journey of Pure Indulgence” celebrates the beauty of modernity in a manner like no other. After an elegant, welcoming cocktail, guests are led to The Bubble for the Epicurean dinner.  For the first time ever, The Bubble, a dome-shaped theater with immersive 360-degree multi-media technology, is converted into a venue for an event other than the “Dragon’s Treasure” show.
The amber pyramid of Hennessy Paradis reveals itself slowly along with the visual projection. Graceful and silky, the exceptional cognac defines elegance with its finely nuanced and harmoniously balanced aromatic qualities. To enhance the experience of appreciating the wonder, Hennessy has specially invited renowned Parisian caterer Potel and Chabot to tailor made three frozen canapés, which includes an exclusive order of black truffle macaroon from Pierre Hermé in Paris, to create a unique and sensorial tasting experience. Each canapé perfectly accompanied Hennessy Paradis and revealed every facets of its blend.
Mr. Renaud de Gironde, member of the Hennessy Tasting Committee conducts the tasting of Hennessy Paradis, as guests are indulged in a sublime savory and sensational experience through the splendid atmosphere. The trio instrumental music performance, the dual soprano and the finale ribbon dance further exude the harmonious elegance of the Epicurean Dinner.

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