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“Women can be very good tasters and we work very hard”

Viviana SeguíCathy van Zyl is a Master of Wine, the highest qualification in the wine industry given by the London-based Institute of Masters of Wine. ... Full story

Between fighting and movies

The first UFC MACAO bout is to kick off tomorrow at the Venetian Macau. As one of the fastest growing sports organizations in the world, ... Full story

“The trend in food here is still Chinese”

Executive Assistant Manager of the Institute For Tourism Studies (IFT) David Wong and his team are preparing a South African Food and Wine week to ... Full story

MDT INTERVIEWS CARLOS MARREIROS: “Macau needs to have guts and talent”

Carlos Marreiros is perhaps the most prominent Macanese architect. The former president of the Cultural Institute talked with the Macau Daily Times in his atelier, ... Full story

“China and the US are literally stuck with each other”

In 1972 Nicholas Platt accompanied US President  HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Nixon" \o "Richard Nixon" Richard Nixon on a historic trip to  HYPERLINK "http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beijing" \o "Beijing" Beijing that signaled the ... Full story

Q&A: Casinos in Korea won’t “necessarily have a negative effect on Macau”

MDT – What are the possible impacts on Macau by South Korea’s development of the gaming industry?SP – I think Korea’s opening up (to the ... Full story

Q&A - US casino leader questions Macau’s high gaming tax: “Gaming tax is hurting the industry”

Frank Fahrenkopf is in Macau to organise the G2E Asian gaming expo. As the leader of an association that has two thirds of US casinos ... Full story

David Martin, Lawyer, author of Puerto Rico City - A Novel: Macau, Las Vegas, take notice and do not rest on your laurels!

Four years ago, an American attorney from Atlanta, Georgia started researching the gaming markets at home and overseas, especially the Macau boom, to prepare a ... Full story

Mike Leven, president and COO of LVS: “10-20 years from now Macau could look like Vegas”

Young adults coming to town for leisure and not  for gaming - that’s what’s happening in Vegas and which could happen in Macau in the ... Full story

Q&A: “Macau was safe haven” during WWII

The Portuguese journalist João Botas has devoted a lot of time to the research of Macau related issues. His latest accomplishment is the essay “Macau ... Full story

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