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“We are planning to open a Malacca Gallery in Macau”

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image Datuk Yusof, CEO of Malacca State Development Corporation

On June 26 this year the Macau Gallery was set up in Malacca, Malaysia, drawing the two cities that share similar historical and cultural backgrounds closer together. Just as the Chief Minister of Malacca, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said at a welcome dinner for the Asia Entrepreneurship Forum (AEF) held in Macau recently, “Malacca and Macau share numerous historical and cultural heritage”. Both coastal cities act as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, once ruled by the Portuguese. Like Macau, Malacca is famous for its tourism and heritage. The times interviewed Datuk Yusof Bin Jantan, Chief Executive Officer of the Malacca State Development Corporation. The politician was also the mayor of Malacca from 2008 to 2010, during which he signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Malaysian city and Macau.

MDT - Malacca is practicing two-pronged development via manufacturing and tourism; and the tourism industry also backs up Macau’s economy. In your opinion, what is the role that tourism can play in the two cities’ future co-operation?
Datuk Yusof Jantan - Malacca and Macau have a similar cultural background in terms of the Portuguese remains. Malacca can learn something from Macau, like how they preserve and maintain the heritage sites.

MDT - After the launch of Macau Gallery in Malacca, what is the response from visitors? Is there anything that needs to improve?
DYJ - The feedback is good. The Macau government has done a lot in terms of facilitating the Gallery. It is informative, people know more about Macau after visiting the Gallery. But more things need to be done. One of them is promotion. We had made the suggestion to the Macau government of introducing school visits. They can invite local students to visit the Gallery, then they have a chance to compare Malacca with Macau. I’m sure it will benefit the younger generation. Besides, there should be regular communication meetings between the management of the gallery and the local Malacca government at official level, like once a month, to discuss more possible ways to promote the Macau Gallery as well as Macau. The promotional work needs to be done together by the Malacca government and the Macau authority.

There are about 10 direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Macau each week, hopefully we will make one of these ten direct flights set out from Malacca to Macau

MDT - Does Malacca have plans for promoting the city to Macau people?
DYJ - Yes. We are planning to open a Malacca Gallery in Macau, just as Macau did in Malacca, and probably on Melaca Street, because the street is named after Malacca. We have proposed the idea to the Macau government, yet we didn’t discuss it in detail, therefore the timetable is not known so far.

MDT - Are there any projects other than the Malacca Gallery that you are going to launch in the foreseeable future?
DYJ - There are about 10 direct flights from Kuala Lumpur to Macau each week, hopefully we will make one of these ten direct flights set out from Malacca to Macau. 

MDT - What do you expect the two governments to do in order to promote the bilateral relationship?
DYJ - I think they can embark on education-related cooperation. For example, launching exchange programs or twin programs for students who major in heritage maintenance or other related subjects, invite Macau students to visit Malacca and Malacca to visit Macau to enhance their understanding of the two cities, including but not limited to the tourism industry.

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