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Ethiopians sweep Macau Marathon, course mistake makes athletes run more

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Nearly 6000 athletes participated in the 31st edition of the “Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon” that took place yesterday, bringing together sportsmen from 60 countries and regions running in several classifications. However the race was marked by a course mistake that resulted in the athletes running for an extra three kilometers. 
Ethiopia’s Heile Haja Gemeda and Ehitu Kiros Reda were the winners of the marathon. Gemeda sailed past the finish line in two hours 23 minutes and 56 seconds in chilly drizzle to lift the men’s title. Kenyan Duncan Cheruiyot Koech followed close at heel in 2:24:00, while Gemeda’s compatriot Gezahegn Alemayehu Abebe was third in 2:24.11.
In the women’s event, Ethiopia had a one-two finish as Reda set the winning pace in 2:50:11 before Tsega Gelaw Reta finished in 2:51.04. Irene Kemunto Mogaka of Kenya took bronze in 1:21. Each winner won a total of USD20,000 in prize money. According to the organizers, this edition of the annual event recorded the highest ever number participants. The marathon and half marathon started in the early morning at 5 am, with the mini marathon following at 5:15 am. The Ethiopian men’s winner Gemeda Haile Haja had already participated last year and finished third. According to the organizers, he came back this year to “fulfill his dream of winning”, doing so while achieving a record time.
In addition, the following athletes were also winners: Chepngabit Noah Kipruto, Maina Charles Wachira and Ngare Joseph Mwangi from Kenya in the male categories A, B and C. Chien Pei Yu from China and Jepngetich Naomi from Kenya won in the female categories A and B respectively. Ho Pui Yan won in the Macau half marathon category, and Elisabete Lopes, winner of the half marathon, received USD 3,000. The special prize in the mini marathon was given to the oldest participant, 75-year-old Peter Kwan from Canada.

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樂威壯 24/01/2014 00:15:52
Is it not amazing how Macau is able to screw up events like this? They send the runners the wrong way
Kit 05/12/2012 20:37:44
My Garmin recorded 44 kilometers. My friends were asked to stop at kilometer 37 (actually km 39) with 30 minutes before the cut off. This is not fair for them.
joe 04/12/2012 01:00:50
Wow how do organizers of an international marathon screw up the distance of the course by 3 KMs? That seems so basic that it would actually be difficult to do.
GC 03/12/2012 23:51:57
I was a participant in the Half Marathon and missed qualifying for the 2 hour and 30 minute cutoff time by less than 10 minutes...the course was mis-marked by 1.5 kilometers for the half marathon, do I now get credit of finishing within the 2:30 time frame?? would seem only fair that the average time for 1.4 kilometers is deducted from the total time if this is a sanctioned race....
Yared 03/12/2012 22:31:48
Bravo! Ethiopians, you make us proud
Martin Williams 03/12/2012 20:39:00
Where is the comment and apology for the organisers to the runners for the course errors? Despite the weather, some people were running at personal best pace and some missed the cut out times which they would not have if the course was correct.
Stephan 03/12/2012 18:49:18
Is it not amazing how Macau is able to screw up events like this? They send the runners the wrong way. Two weeks ago they played the wrong national anthem for the Portuguese winner of the Grand Prix. Again Macau lost face in the international community. Wonder what's next?
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