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“Bye Bye ZAiA, goods for good deal!”: Online flea market flourishes after end of the show

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Viviana Seguí

-Marvic: San ma lo, when is it convenient to meet?
-Today around 3:30 pm this afternoon, is it ok ??
-3:30 is ok! Pls confirm. Price is MOP35.

These kinds of chats can be read on the Facebook group called ByeBye ZAiA, goods for good deal!, which has 1,594 members. Founder Tracy Cheung Freyer explains why the group that functions as a kind of online flea market was created: “When we found out that ZAiA was closing in two weeks and my boyfriend, who then worked as a technician at ZAiA, would have to leave the country in six weeks, we planned to leave Macau together.” The first thing in her mind was: “How could I take all my belongings with us? I created this group and added all my local friends and asked my boyfriend to add all his co-workers in the group so we could all sell all our stuff.” At the beginning Tracy wasn’t sure “if it would work”, but after the first two weeks she realized it was “working well for everyone.”
What was first created as an act of necessity today continues to make the exchange of second hand (and new) goods possible. “At the beginning, we only allowed ZAiA people to sell their stuff here”, says Tracy. But “now since the show has been gone so long, the group is totally different. My mission… was to help people and help myself at the same time. For now, I just let it grow, sometimes good things happen in the group, (like finding friend Mayden, who today oversees all the posts on the page)”.
Rules can be found at the beginning of the site, explaining how the transactions are supposed to work and what should not be done. For example, giving an English translation of the posted text is a “must”. Every participant is asked to “ indicate the item’s price, measurement, expiration date, and condition”, in addition to uploading pictures of the offered article. The providers also ask for the members’ contribution in “helping to clean the site by removing your photos after the goods are sold.” Although the site focuses on buyers and sellers in Macau, Tracy explains, “If you are from the mainland or America and you make a deal to buy and sell stuff here, you are very welcome to do so”. Unlike e-bay, all transactions are free of charge for their members. Participants can directly exchange phone numbers, make appointments, discuss prices etc. through the page. However the essential is “to make sure that all transactions are legal on the site. Any questionable items for sale are immediately deleted and sellers are removed from the group.” The founder herself sold “a lot of stuff” but still hasn’t posted anything yet. Luckily she only did so voluntarily, as ZAiA closed in February, but “we were able to stay in Macau and have no plans on leaving any time soon”.

The weirdest transaction was a photo of a Chinese lady with three images of her in underwear - Mayden Stansfield

Administrator Mayden Stansfield, who “mostly assists the queries, clears the items that are sold etc.” is also the one that the “sellers or buyers ask or email when there are some troublemakers, for example selling fake items, buyers not turning up at their appointment time etc.” Mayden remembers the “the weirdest transaction” being “a photo of a Chinese lady with three images of her in underwear.” The admin laughs: “I bet it was to promote body shape cream or something”. She goes on: “Some are very silly. Posting a bin? Hilarious!” Another person posted “200 pictures of used clothing!”
Regarding her organizing role in the group, she explains: “Some members take it too personally when I write something and email me back very rudely. It feels like we try our best to make them happy, however it’s not enough. They sold their items, but are not grateful.” She is convinced the page is “really good, as members can sell a lot of their unused junk.” And “one lady even just sold her car via the page”.
Also for Tracy, the job isn’t always easy, and she doesn’t manage to please everybody. “Currently some people messaged me to find them a job which gave me headaches. I don’t have jobs for people, the only thing I can do is let them post on the page, which they can do without checking with me first.”
Despite the headaches, the creator and administrator were both able make use of their brainchild. Mayden states happily: “I sold my printer, mobile and Christmas tree. I bought my two bean bags and my deep fryer over the group.”
Thus, post-ZAiA transactions continue to flourish, and goods continue to change hands around Macau.

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lucyl lara 30/06/2013 16:11:14
nice and easiest way of disposing second hand items.
lucy dedal 30/06/2013 15:51:42
this easiest way of buy and sell items.
lucy dedal 30/06/2013 15:49:13
its nice to have this, kind of sellingand buying itens thru, online. easiest way .,
marc esteban 28/06/2013 23:15:11
want to buy second goods
marc 28/06/2013 23:04:43
ahm want to know something about your syt
Thelma Legaspi 13/01/2013 07:32:01
I think it's a very good idea to have this kind of group, It really helpful to those who want to buy or to sell a product or property
Kry 19/12/2012 06:08:06
Sounds like I missed everhtying.**** ya'll went to iHop? Thats one of my favorite spots. *kicks self in the ass for not going*. All of Wu-Tang has a mystical aura lol. Looks like your catching up with the autographs tho, I got my Forever signed (vinyl, GFK) and my Liquid Swords signed (cd booklet, Killah Priest) *Waits for the flicks*
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