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BOOTCAMP | From the gym to the street

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When coaches Nuno Fernandes and João Braga teamed up to bring a revitalized concept of Urban BootCamp to Macau, they were looking to provide an alternative to the fitness and wellness options in the city. Since November 2012, when the first training sessions were held in Taipa, the duo has successfully attracted those in favor of outdoor sports activities. Even downtown Macau can be seen as an Asian concrete jungle. The city has become a different type of gym to many boot campers.
Nuno Fernandes completed a training program in Hong Kong, and decided to team up with João Braga to provide something Macau was yet to experience.
The Urban BootCamp 853 made it from Taipa to Macau peninsula as the demand grew. “The camps quickly gained recognition throughout the Taipa area, and in 2013 a new training location was opened in Macau,” they recalled.
BootCamp classes comprise body weight-based exercises, combined with agility and obstacle-course work and running, the group explained. “It is an intense workout that suits all levels of fitness, which challenges your cardiovascular system and increases your heart rate, while toning your body muscles.”
For those who find themselves too bored when inside a gym, the BootCamp appears as an alternative, able to make one lose a higher number of calories, and still be able to enjoy the city’s landscape.
“During a 60 minute session, trainees can burn over 500 calories on average, giving them a total full body workout, lowering their body fat mass and helping them to feel better about themselves,” they stressed.
Fat loss, weight loss, body toning, improving heart and lung function, posture, flexibility, and lowered blood pressure are just some of the benefits that come with engaging in an Urban BootCamp session, said Nuno and João.
Another advantage that seems to be pleasing boot campers is the flexibility of both the schedules and memberships. “Basically you can change your training schedule every week according to your availability. In addition, we take people to do outdoor training, so it is a perfect option if people are bored of being inside a gym,”they emphasized.
As with other type of programs, the Urban BootCamp gives the option of working out in group, which João Braga and Nuno Fernandes believe a lot of trainees appreciate. “People feel more confident and it gives everyone a boost to follow their individual goals, whatever their fitness level is at,” they said.
And how far do trainees have to go in an Urban BootCamp session? Testing is surely part of the program, but coaches say it should never go beyond certain limits. “Challenging their own limits is something that is part of the game. The instructors pay close attention to each trainee and push them out of their comfort zone, but always prevent them from going beyond their limits,” the team assured.
The Urban BootCamp 853 provides training sessions in both Macau Peninsula, usually near the Nam Van lake, and in Taipa.  CP

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