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Appiness for all

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image Paulo Coutinho

Among my wishes for 2014, I wanted to include those who govern us. I mean, mere and humble recommendations of what we think may serve the interests and the mission of the Chief Executive and his Secretaries. After giving it some thought I found the right gift: an app. So, here we go, following protocol in reverse order.
Lao Si Io. For the Secretary of Transport and Public Works, I vigorously recommend “Find My Friends”. “The Find My Friends” app is a great way to share your location with people who are important to you. Friends who share their locations with you appear on a map so you can quickly see where they are and what they’re up to.” The latter ability (what they’re up to) seems to be of the utmost use for Mr Lao who famously responded this year to reporters: “You better ask the Chief Executive”.
Cheong U. While we wait for the Cotai Hospital, for new medical doctors and updated therapies at the gov’t hospital; while we wait months for a medical exam or we line up for hours in the emergency room… In a word, while we wait for that “Macau health tourism destination” to happen, Medscape may be the solution to entertaining the folks who are in need of med care (aren’t we all?). “Medscape from WebMD is the leading medical resource most used by physicians, medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals for clinical information.” But since Cheong’s portfolio is so vast I also recommend “Horoscope” (for iPhone and Android). Better follow the stars than take a wild guess at who’s going to be the next Chief. Who knows? Ask the stars.
Cheong Kuok Va. He’s done his job, 15 years on, triads are gone from the surface of the city. WKK is out, but it seems he’s made his peace. Okay, stats say criminal activity is on the rise, but who can blame him? It’s the nature of the beast, sign of the times. Rising trends? Internet-related crimes, casino-related scams, really swell fake notes, the latest. What more can you do? Agents chase cars for parking tickets and a breath of alcohol like hawks on a prairie. Prostitution? Ms Song can handle it. Your app: FREE WiFi. “The app will help you find free WiFi hotspots in more than 50 countries around the world.” If you’re going to retire, you’re going to have time to relax and travel. So, this might come in handy to keep you connected. Someone might need to send you a message.
Francis Tam. Another app good for retirement anyone? The same could be said: mission accomplished (under the Edmund shadow, of course). 15 years on and Macau is six times Vegas in terms of revenue. Not much diversification was achieved though. And if something is happening, being done, it is privately-driven. Again, the nature of the beast. When you fill the coffers with 30 million visitors a year with one industry only, why bother? It’s a temptation to chill out at some point. It’s only human. And so is greed – Macau’s Gini coefficient is reaching alarming levels, over 0.4. So, we recommend this very helpful app for you to deal with old troubles, without much ado: StockTouch. “Seamlessly watch the market as it unfolds and quickly dive into data to uncover insights and trends on companies and sectors. Touch anywhere, zoom in and out, monitor price and volume, and study historical information. Fast loading data, elegant design, radiant colors and fluid navigation. Immersive and sublimely intelligent.” If only you had HR like this…
Florinda Chan. I swear, I looked it up but there’s no “Flush Coutinho Please” app. Well, there is one but lousy, he keeps coming up, and stronger. Sorry, Flor, the next best thing I found was “The Aurora” domestic violence app. “The app is easy to use, information can be obtained anonymously and contains useful and potentially life-saving information. A unique messaging tool allows the user to privately and safely call for help if under duress.”
Chui Sai On. The Chief is a tough one to please. He has one of the most powerful and best paid jobs in the world. Besides he’s going to get a raise soon. That’s why, for Fernando Chui Sai On I’m going to recommend a paid app, unlike the free rides I suggested to the Secretaries.  For only 99c, Chief Chui can grab the latest “Whack a Mole Live Wallpaper” for Android. “Play whack a mole on the wallpaper of your phone. The faster you hit a mole the more points you get, but stay away from the bunnies because they penalize your score.” Ideal to deal with foreign workers, pro-democrats, activists, academics, reporters and the likes. But beware of the bunnies!

Person of the year
“You never know who you’re going to run into at Sands properties.” This statement sums up quite well the strategy Edward Tracy devised to diversify Sands China operations beyond gaming into a full scale world-class entertainment venture. Nothing better can be said about the success of his work and leadership but to mention that recently he has made it onto Yahoo Sports’ 25 most influential people in boxing 2012 list.
For his vision and influence in what happened in Macau in 2013 in terms of real diversification of the economy and of putting the (good) word about Macau out there in the world, Edward Tracy is the Macau Daily Times Person of the Year, a feature that we present to our readers for the first time this year in a special section in the middle pages, along with 4 other figures worth mentioning: Chan Meng Kam, José Pereira Coutinho, Jorge Menezes and Jason Chao. It’s MDT’s review of the year 2013.

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