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Macau Matters: Nano Blood Sampling - taking out the fear and pain

Like many people I fear and dislike injections and needles. Moreover, I am now older and the doctors seem to love taking samples of my ... Full story

Vox Parva: Hopeful invocation of the Feast of the Chinese Martyrs

The church sets July 9 as the Feast of the Holy Martyrs and Blessed of China, or in shorter terms, the Feast of the Chinese ... Full story

Our Desk: Unplug and get bored

Do you see people waiting in public venues, canteens, bus stations or even dining alone or sitting on the bus, looking down at their smartphones ... Full story

Insight | It’s every man for himself

The law establishing a minimum wage for security guards and cleaners working for property management companies was approved in general terms by the AL and ... Full story

Tech Views: What else is Facebook doing?

Facebook's 2012 emotional contagion experiment triggered so much public indignation that people forgot to ask the obvious question: If Facebook has a science team, is ... Full story

HK Observer: Real patriots

Here we are again David and Goliath, not forgetting Stalin and Mao versus capitalism and Western style freedoms. The massive demonstrations march of June 4 and ... Full story

World Views: The Hong Kong Referendum

“The oppositions in Hong Kong should understand and accept that Hong Kong is not an independent country. They should not think that they have the ... Full story

Our Desk: In nomine Patris

Throughout human history, many great mistakes are perpetrated in the name of divinity. Numerous individuals manipulated religious doctrine in order to justify actions usually driven ... Full story

Rear Window: White paper

I shall be forgiven for the tasteless headline, but believe me it is much better than a cross-reference from Milan Kundera as to the proper ... Full story

Bizcuits: Academic Freedom

It was my intention to write about something other than persecution of scholars and academic freedom; so much has been written already this last week. ... Full story

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