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Our Desk: “Software” Preparation

It might be a little bit painful to recall the crowds and controversial flow control measures in town during the golden week of Chinese Spring ... Full story

Insight: “Golden Week”

The Macau Government Tourist Office has released preliminary data indicating that over one million people entered Macau during the so-called “Golden Week” (from January 31 ... Full story

Kapok: Progress vs. growth

Ask any resident in Macau and you will probably get the same answer: Chinese New Year has become a real nuisance for our territory, mainly ... Full story

The East is Red: A Year of Fire and Wood

Moving from the year of the water snake into the one of the wood horse, predictions abound as to what is to be expected in ... Full story

Vox Parva: Still fighting for visitor numbers?

To start off the Year of the Horse, the MSAR government expected that it would somehow receive 930,000 individuals and travelers during CNY. For the ... Full story

Our Desk: The quest(ions) of Chinese New Year

“A Letter to My Son: Dear Peng, I have called you so many times but you didn’t pick up the phone. Maybe you will see ... Full story

HK Observer: Gigi’s courage

Admirable and courageous for Gigi Chao, daughter of septuagenarian playboy, serial seducer Cecil Chao, to not just come out as a lesbian but send an ... Full story

Macau Matters: Getting small parcels delivered directly to you by UAV?

Robots and mobile transporters have been used in factories for years. Since the Hong Kong MTR was established, the train movements have always been computer ... Full story

Our Desk: The absurdity of laughter

Since real freedom of expression is notoriously absent in modern Chinese society, satire and humour have become two useful tools that allow people to say ... Full story

Insight: A MOP49m question… and I will give you the answer

The government’s revised 1995 North Taipa Urbanization Plan has been in the headlines. When the New Macau Association brought the subject up, it launched suspicions ... Full story

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