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Macau SAR’s next twelve years - For the past twelve years, Macau went from “having nothing” to “brilliant economic success,” according to Le Ren 樂仁 of Si Man Pou 市民日報. “The international financial tsunami of 2008 was a ‘false alarm’ to Macau. Despite its economic damage around the world, Macau’s leading industries were not affected. However, export and manufacturing was affected during the economic downturn, but that could not be considered a ‘blow’ to the economy. Moreover, that was only a time when the parent companies of Macau’s gaming sector were facing a crisis overseas and a slowdown in investments... That does not reflect the overall performance or problems of Macau’s economy at that time.”
Le further pointed out that there was a time when the central government in Beijing controlled the flow of individuals coming from the mainland; but looking at Macau’s economy during the past twelve years it becomes abundantly clear that the economy grew at a extremely healthy pace, although the Central Government suggested that Macau should diversify its economy, it is difficult to do so.
“For the next twelve years, Macau will have more and more opportunities, as regions of the Pearl River Delta link together to become one entity,” Le indicated. He recommended, however, that the Macau government should implement its policies to balance the widening gap between different segments of society, making sure that the interests of some would not overshadow that of others.

A million dollars for fun - “A friend called and told me a shocking news: A million-dollar tour for travelling around the world is sold out in 17 seconds, with 36 individuals on the waiting list,” Li Lin 李 霖 of Macao Daily News 澳門日報 wrote. The ultra-luxurious tour plans to take participants around the world in eighty days: the price is one million and ten thousand yuan RMB and was sold in three cities: Shanghai, Taipei, and Hong Kong, according to Li.
“The participants are 13 mainlanders and a couple from Taiwan, and the itinerary includes an experience on a top cruise to Antarctica, a stay at the Dubai Burj Al Arab Hotel, and partying at the Brazilian Carnival. The travel industry is optimistic about global luxury travel. With China’s rapid economic development, the rich people have strong spending power,” Li stated.
Analysing the value of one million Yuan, Li pointed out that a philanthropist in Macau, Hu Shunqian, set up a Poverty Alleviation Fund last year and distributed two million yuan after he saw the yuan’s appreciation and heavy inflation. “People gave him the title ‘Macau’s Million-dollar Philanthropist.’ It is unclear how much he donated, but each time it is always a million bucks.”
Li’s friend also stated that “money has its charm. Individuals use it in different manners. Some like to enjoy life and show off, while others live in a simple manner and donate to the poor. It is a matter of choice as well as a matter of character.”

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