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Pluralist measures needed for ce’s new policy address

Chief Executive Chui Sai On is to announce his 2013 policy address next month, with many social groups using the occasion to propose suggestions and ... Full story

New measures won’t stabilize the property market

The government announced a set of new measures last week in an effort to stabilize the property market. But Chun Geng 春耕 of Macau Daily ... Full story

Increase transparency when releasing information

after the Sin Fong Garden incident that occurred last week, families evacuated from the building need society’s support and assistance. “However rumors spread stating that ... Full story

Gov’t put to the test by sin fong garden incident

About 200 families were left homeless after cracks were found in various parts of the Sin Fong Garden residential building in the Patane area yesterday. ... Full story

Three questions brought by the lau “buzz”

Media comments hint that the Secretary for Transport and Public Works Lau Si Io is about to leave his post in December. The Cabinet of ... Full story

Control prices and stimulate consumption

The number of people crossing the border gate during golden week increased, among which mainlanders accounted for over 1.3 million. Chun Geng 春耕 of Macau ... Full story

Self-improvement for next round of growth

Feedback from different business sectors showed that the sales results achieved during Golden Week (which ended last Sunday) were way below what shop owners had ... Full story


Chun Geng 春耕of Macau Daily News 澳門日報stated that the cultural and creative industry has just gotten started and does not have a direction for future ... Full story

Higher productivity to offset cost rise

Macau’s economic boom, while creating business chances, also pushes up operation costs dramatically for local companies. Chun Geng 春耕 of Macau Daily News 澳門日報 said ... Full story


A tragedy occurred in Hong Kong the night of Chinese National Day with at least 38 people being killed and over a hundred injured. Coincidentally, ... Full story

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