MDT Explains | How ban on dual-citizen lawmakers vexes Aussies

Australia’s 116-year-old constitutional ban on dual citizens sitting in Parliament is a problem the country didn’t know it had until recently, but now it may struggle to

Bangladesh | Court sentences ten to death for 2000 plot to kill PM

A Bangladesh court has sentenced to death 10 leaders and activists from a banned Islamist group for a plot in 2000 to kill Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina by

South China Sea | Nations search for ten missing after US destroyer collision with tanker

Vessels from several nations are searching Southeast Asian waters for 10 missing U.S. sailors after an early morning collision yesterday between the USS John S. McCain

India Train derails killing at least 23

Rescuers using cutting torchers and cranes worked through the night to pull apart 14 coaches of a crowded train that went off the tracks in

Malaysia apologizes for mistaken Indonesia flag

Malaysia apologized to Indonesia yesterday for an “unintentional” mistake in printing the Indonesian flag upside down in a souvenir guidebook for the Southeast Asian Games.

US-South Korea war games set to rile Pyongyang

America’s annual joint military exercises with South Korea always frustrate North Korea. The Ulchi Freedom Guardian drills, set to begin today and run through August

US general pledges to defend Japan

America’s top military official reiterated Friday his country’s pledge to defend Japan against a North Korean missile attack, as western Japan carried out a test of an

Seoul looks to jumpstart diplomacy in N. Korea standoff

In an effort to jumpstart diplomacy, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said yesterday he would consider sending a special envoy to North Korea for talks if the

UN chief: It’s time for diplomacy on tense Korean peninsula

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned Wednesday that tensions on the Korean peninsula are at their highest level in decades and said it’s important “to dial down the

Japan | Trade surges in July on strong demand in China, US

Japan’s exports and imports rose at a fast clip in July, reflecting a recovery in demand in China, Southeast Asia and the U.S., though export prices rose

Indonesia | Clinic gives relief to Muslims with tattoo regrets

Each staccato rat-a-tat-tat of the laser firing an intense beam at the elaborate red, green and black dragon on Taufiq Hidayat’s arm is, he prays, bringing him closer

North Korea threat prompts Guam natives to assert rights

The threatened missile attack by North Korea on Guam has prompted calls for peace from the island’s indigenous people, who are weary of yet another conflict after

Scientists potentially narrow MH370 search area to 3 spots

Scientists have potentially narrowed the search area for the missing Malaysian airliner to three specific locations in the southern Indian Ocean through new satellite and drift analysis

Analysis | Both Korean leaders, US signal turn to diplomacy amid crisis

North Korea’s military yesterday presented leader Kim Jong Un with plans to launch missiles into waters near Guam and “wring the windpipes of the Yankees,” even as

Oceania | Political feud erupts between Australia and New Zealand

Like squabbling siblings, New Zealand and Australia have close ties but also a rivalry that can sometimes turn ugly. That tension spilled into politics yesterday,

Analysis | US officials say confrontation with N. Korea not imminent

Senior U.S. national security officials said Sunday that a military confrontation with North Korea’s is not imminent, but they cautioned that the possibility of war is greater

Philippines | 40 years after Elvis’ death, impersonators talk about legacy

Four decades since his death, Elvis Presley still reigns as The King — for impersonators. Few artists inspire people all over the world to

Pakistan | With gun salutes, people marks 70 years of independence

Pakistan kicked off a day of celebrations yesterday marking 70 years of statehood and independence, the festivities beginning with gun salutes in the capital, Islamabad, and