The Buzz | Catalan parliament not acting on vote results

An official at the Catalan parliament says its governing board has “taken notice” of the results in last week’s disputed independence referendum — but that it won’t put the results through normal parliamentary procedures, at least for now.

The pro-secession Catalan government has said the results of the Oct. 1 referendum — showing a 90 percent victory for those favoring independence with a turnout of 43 percent of eligible voters — are valid.

The Spanish government says the vote was illegal.

The parliamentary official, who was speaking on condition of anonymity, said parliament’s governing board will not take any action beyond acknowledging the vote results submitted last Friday by the regional government.

Catalans are awaiting an appearance by their regional leader in parliament with expectations divided between those who want to see the birth of a new republic and others opposed to such a move or fearing a backlash from the Spanish central authorities.

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