CAEAL to send out polling venue notices for election day

The Electoral Affairs Commission for the Legislative Assembly Election (CAEAL) is to start sending out this week notices to inform voters about the polling station where they can vote on election day, September 17.

The Chairman of the Commission, Tong Hio Fong, reminded voters that their registered polling venue would not necessarily be the same as the venue they used for the 2013 election. According to a statement issued by the CAEAL yesterday, Tong urged voters to pay close attention to the poll notice.

The chairman made the comments after yesterday’s meeting with the General Audit Committee of the Legislative Assembly Election to discuss the criteria for determining the validity of ballots. The statement confirms that both sides have reached a basic consensus on the matter.

Additionally, the Commission has decided to make available a total of 23 public venues featuring notice boards for candidate teams to post their election materials during the official campaigning period, from September 2 to 15. A total of 19 public venues will be made available for teams to conduct promotional activities.

The Commission expects to conduct a draw next week to determine the order in which teams will be allowed to use the public venues to conduct their respective promotional activities.

Tong also clarified that candidates were not completely barred from making public comments during the non-campaigning period, from August 3 to September 1 inclusive. According to him, the rules did not ban candidates – as normal citizens – from holding discussions on livelihood issues. However, during this period, candidates should set all election-related posts published on social media platforms as “non-public”.

He said the campaign period – restricted to two weeks as stated in the Legislative Assembly Election Law – aims to provide an equal opportunity for all teams to campaign and promote their electoral manifestos.

Voters who do not receive their venue notice can request their polling station details by any of the following methods: contacting a 24-hour telephone hotline (2891 7917); visiting any self-service kiosks at the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau or the Identification Services Bureau; or visiting the Election Information Center at the Public Administration Building.

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