Taiwan-US | Attorneys say portions of Foxconn law could be unconstitutional

Nonpartisan attorneys for the Wisconsin Legislature are warning that portions of a newly signed law speeding up legal appeals related to a planned flat-screen display factory could

Taipei signs USD576m wheat deal with United States

Taiwan has once again agreed to purchase a large share of U.S. wheat over the next two years, with most of it coming from Idaho, North Dakota

Hong Kong leader condemns UK criticism over jailed activists

Hong Kong’s leader has condemned criticism from British politicians over the city’s recent jailing of student activists, saying such comments are unfair and “disrespectful.” Addressing a

Chinese, Australian troops end 1st joint drills

Chinese and Australian soldiers have ended a series of military exercises in the mountainous terrain of southwestern China. A defense ministry statement said the small training

Economy | Airbus seeks China goodwill with first wide-body site abroad

Airbus SE is courting China with its first wide-body jet facility outside Europe, positioning the company to chase billions of dollars in potential orders from an aviation market

Authorities announce trade secrets crackdown to assure investors

China has announced a crackdown on violations of patents and trade secrets in an effort to mollify foreign companies ahead of a visit to Beijing by U.S.

Singapore cements China ties with pre-party congress visit

Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s visit to China this week signals efforts on both sides to bolster relations that have showed strains over the past year - both

Patten urges Beijing not to see Hong Kongers as dissidents

Hong Kong’s last British governor urged Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday not to treat the city’s residents like dissidents. Chris Patten’s comments came amid flaring tensions

Taiwan | Two killed, three injured in rare shooting incident

Taiwan’s official news agency says two people have been killed and three others injured in a rare shooting incident in a suburb of the capital, Taipei. The

Hong Kong | Patten warns against calls for former British colony independence

Hong Kong’s last British governor, Chris Patten, said yesterday that calls for the city’s independence from China dilute support for democracy, and residents should engage in dialogue

Economy | EU Chamber warns China: Open faster or risk backlash

A business group urged China yesterday to carry out promises to open its economy and warned that inaction might fuel a backlash against free trade amid mounting U.S. and

Beijing is said to weigh opening up to foreign electric carmakers

China is discussing a plan to allow foreign carmakers to set up wholly owned electric-vehicle businesses in its free-trade zones in a major revision of a fundamental principle

Belt & Road | China quickens work on Pakistan utility in area claimed by India

China is racing to finish one of the biggest hydro-power projects in Pakistan ahead of schedule, yet its location in the long-contested region of Kashmir will draw

Race to make robots for China spurs manufacturer to double capacity

ABB Ltd. is accelerating expansion in China with a plan to double robot production capacity as part of a bid to become the biggest provider worldwide of

Trump’s top trade negotiator calls China ‘unprecedented’ threat

China’s economic model represents an “unprecedented” threat to the world trading system that can’t be addressed under current global rules, President Donald Trump’s top trade negotiator said. “There

Hard to spot | Criminals find new ways to smuggle rhino horns to China, SE Asia

International traffickers have tried many ways to smuggle African rhino horns to Asia, concealing them inside wooden Buddha statues, stashing horn pieces in lobster heads kept in

Beijing detains man for service to evade internet firewall

Chinese authorities have detained a software developer for selling computer services that allow internet users to evade China’s “Great Firewall,” which blocks access to thousands of websites,

Mandarin Oriental receives proposals for Excelsior Hong Kong

Mandarin Oriental International Ltd. has received interest from potential buyers of the Excelsior hotel in Hong Kong in what would be a test of the resilience

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