South China Sea | Beijing expresses concern over ASEAN’s stance

China says it is “severely concerned” over the statement from a Southeast Asian nations’ meeting that criticized Beijing’s building of islands in the disputed South China Sea. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong

Young leave state ranks to chase riches at tech startups

For decades, the most coveted jobs in China have been in government, with their steady income, job security and power. Now people like Nymar Li are changing that perception by leaving the

Mainland adding nuclear plants at record pace in fight against smog

China is set to add nuclear reactors at a record pace this year as the nation seeks to cut pollution by reducing its dependence on coal. China may start operating 8

Nepal has powerful friends in high places: Beijing and Delhi

After the 7.8-magnitude earthquake that flattened parts of the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu on Saturday and unleashed avalanches on Mount Everest, China and India barely missed a beat. Within hours of

Feminist: Long hours of interrogations after release 

One of five leading Chinese feminist advocates said she went through lengthy and verbally abusive interrogations after she was conditionally released in a case that has attracted international attention. Wu Rongrong,

South China Sea | Philippines urges ASEAN to stop Beijing

  The Philippines yesterday urged its fellow Southeast Asian countries to take immediate steps to halt land reclamation by China in the disputed waters of the South China Sea, warning that

China debt mess brings out the Yin and Yang in policy makers

China has a USD28 trillion problem. That’s the country’s total government, corporate and household debt load as of mid-2014, according to McKinsey & Co. It’s equal to 282 percent of

Party releases pictures of top 100 graft absconders

Following the publication of a list of China’s top 100 fugitive officials wanetd on suspicion of corruption, photos of the suspects were splashed across two pages of the official China Daily newspaper

FT: Beijing spells out cost of meeting pollution targets

According to the country’s central bank, a report on “green” finance issued Wednesday estimated that China’s budget covered only 15 per cent of the required investment, and called for carbon

First ‘tiger’ snared in corruption crackdown stands trial

The Chinese Communist Party official whose downfall ushered in a nationwide corruption crackdown that continues to shake local industries raised no objections at his one-day graft trial yesterday. Li Chuncheng, 59,

Offbeat | China to crack down on strippers at rural funerals

Chinese officials say they are cracking down on stripteases and other lewd shows that have become popular at funerals in some rural areas. The Ministry of Cultural said in a statement

The Buzz | Chinese man jailed for splashing ink on Mao Zedong portrait

A Chinese man was sentenced to 14 months in jail for splashing ink on the giant portrait of Communist revolutionary leader Mao Zedong in the heart of Beijing, state media

China releases wanted list for worldwide fugitive hunt

Interpol’s National Central Bureau of China has released a wanted list of 100 fugitives as the country intensifies its hunt worldwide for economic runaways. On the list are officials and state

Jimmy Lai won’t back down

At 3:30 a.m. on a chill January morning, Hong Kong media magnate Jimmy Lai was awakened by a housemaid. Police were at the door of his British-colonial-era mansion. “I thought

Hong Kong | Leung asks lawmakers to agree to Beijing’s election plan

Hong Kong law-­makers should agree to China’s terms for the city’s first leadership election, or risk delaying giving citizens the right to vote, Chief Executive Leung Chun-­ying said. Candidates for the

Tibet | Exiled gov’t presses mainland authorities on missing Buddhist leader 

The Tibetan government-in-exile wants supporters to help pressure China to release the 11th Panchan Lama, a Buddhist leader who is believed to have been in Chinese custody since his disappearance as a

Xi picks Pakistan dam as first stop on USD40b Silk Road

China picked a dam project in northern Pakistan for its first investment by a USD40 billion Silk Road infrastructure fund as President Xi Jinping looks to expand the country’s influence

US business group urges more transparency, access 

The American Chamber of Commerce in China called yesterday for more government transparency and fairness as the confidence of U.S. companies in the country’s investment climate deteriorates. The chamber said in its annual

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