Party congress opens door for other Asia dollar bond sellers

China’s Communist Party congress this month is expected to slow dollar bond issuance from the nation’s borrowers in the fourth quarter, which may be good news

Big pharma gets boost as Beijing speeds up new drug approvals

For decades, Chinese patients have struggled to gain access to cutting-edge medicines thanks to bureaucratic delays that have hamstrung drug development. Now a sweeping government overhaul of drug

Philippines apologizes to China over wrong Taiwan logo

The Philippine defense department has apologized to China for the “grievous but purely unintentional mistake” of using Taiwan’s defense ministry logo during a ceremony where the

United Nations | Chinese Qian Tang among top candidates to lead UNESCO

Voting by UNESCO’s 58-member executive board starts today (Macau time) and continues through the week until a candidate wins a majority. The choice then goes to the

Hong Kong | American cancels flight after loading equipment catches fire

An American Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Los Angeles was canceled yesterday after a piece of loading equipment caught fire while it was preparing to put

Questions arise on China’s plans as North Korea war talk rises

Securing North Korea’s missile launchers and nuclear, chemical and biological weapons sites would likely be a chief priority for China in the event of a major crisis

Party punishes 1.3m officials in five years

The Communist Party of China’s (CPC) top disciplinary watchdog said yesterday that around 1.343 million grassroots- level officials in the country had been punished between the 18th

Hong Kong | CLP seeks acquisitions to diversify, expand in India

Hong Kong’s largest power utility CLP Holdings Ltd. is scouting for more renewable power projects in India at a time when conventional generators are coping with stranded projects

The Buzz | China’s Good Samaritan law goes into effect

China’s Good Samaritan law went into effect on Oct. 1 to protect people who are ready to help others. Under the legislation, people who voluntarily offer emergency assistance

Opinion | China’s bike rental firms are actually secret cash cows

China’s bike rental companies Mobike and Ofo are in talks to merge, Bloomberg’s Lulu Chen reported Tuesday. There’s not a sane mind in the world who doesn’t think

No Chinese casualties in Las Vegas mass shooting

The Consulate General of China in San Francisco confirmed on Tuesday that there have been no reports of casualties of Chinese citizens in the Las Vegas mass

Hollywood is said to be shortchanged by exhibitors

Chinese theaters under-reported ticket sales of U.S. movies by 9 percent last year, according to an audit that found the operators in the world’s second- largest

Thousands of democracy supporters protest in HK

Thousands of pro-democracy supporters took to the streets of Chinese-controlled Hong Kong on Sunday to protest against what they say is the Beijing- backed government’s use of

Briefs | Taiwan concert clash reveals divisions

Police are looking for a final suspect involved in clashes at a Chinese-organized concert in Taipei between Taiwanese pro-independence protesters and Beijing supporters that revealed divisions over

Beijing orders North Korean business closed under UN sanctions

China yesterday ordered North Korean-owned businesses to close, cutting foreign revenue for the isolated North under U.N. sanctions imposed over its nuclear and missile programs.

As tycoons retire, a jetsetter daughter tackles pig feed

Liu Chang, the daughter of a billionaire industrialist, went to boarding school in the U.S., traveled the world, and married a hip Chinese film director. Next move

Pair of giant pandas from China welcomed in Indonesia

Giant pandas Cai Tao and Hu Chun arrived yesterday to fanfare in Indonesia where a new “palace” like home that cost millions of dollars has been

Hong Kong | Commerce chief says US to tackle ‘bigger’ China trade issues

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said yesterday that the Trump administration’s priorities as it prepares to tackle “bigger” and “more difficult” trade issues with China are better

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