Hong Kong’s richest men prove resilient against property curbs

Don’t bet against Hong Kong’s billionaire property tycoons, even if the city’s incoming chief executive takes a tough stance on reining in soaring home prices.

South China Sea | Australia calls for binding conduct code in disputed waters

Australia urged Southeast Asia’s regional bloc and China to conclude a legally-binding code of conduct in the South China Sea, voicing opposition yesterday to the scale

Taiwan plans military spending surge to counter rising China

Taiwan plans to raise military spending by about 50 percent next year as President Tsai Ing-wen attempts to offset China’s growing might and support the local defense

Saudi king’s visit highlights Beijing’s Middle East engagement

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman began a visit to Beijing yesterday that highlights growing ties underpinned by China’s thirst for Saudi oil and the kingdom’s status as a

PBOC raises short-term interest rate follow US increase

China’s central bank raised short-term interest rates yesterday following the U.S. rate increase as Beijing tries to shore up the value of its currency and stanch an

Name-and-shame show puts household brands in hot seat

Household brands in China are bracing for the government’s version of public-service journalism - the annual program on state-run TV that uses hidden cameras to highlight

Analysis | Beijing schools markets on tiered leadership structure

Investors trying to make sense of China’s National People’s Congress last week and its relation to the more important 19th Party Congress to be held later

Premier: China doesn’t want ‘trade war’ with Washington

China’s No. 2 leader said yesterday his government hopes for positive relations with Washington and has no desire for a trade war nor plans to devalue its currency

Li calls for return to talks on Korean nukes

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang called yesterday for new talks to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula, ahead of a visit to the region this week by U.S.

Taiwan leaks case makes Ma third straight president prosecuted

Ex-Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou expressed confidence he would be exonerated after Taipei prosecutors indicted him over allegedly leaking details of a criminal investigation while still in office. Ma, 66, was

Religion | Major Buddhist learning center being rebuilt

China is rebuilding a major center of Tibetan Buddhist learning in the country’s west to improve safety and public health, a local official and state media said yesterday, refuting reports

Home sales surge 23pct defying curbs

China home sales remained resilient in the first two months of the year, signaling policy makers are struggling to check the booming housing market. The

Analysts’ most-hated stocks are Hong Kong’s biggest winners

When it comes to this year’s surge in Hong Kong stocks, it paid to root for the underdog. Equities with the lowest ratings from analysts have

Services index introduced to reflect changing economy

China introduced a new indicator for the services sector to better track the vast range of activity from movies to restaurants that now account for more than

CPPCC | CY Leung leader given role in top political advisory body

China’s top political advisory body voted yesterday to appoint Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun- ying to the ceremonial post of vice chairman, ahead of his departure from

Photo report | Great Hall in shadow and light

China’s ceremonial parliament and its official advisory body traditionally hold their annual sessions at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People during the first two weeks of March,