Chui Sai Cheong to be next AL vice-president

Chui Sai Cheong

Indirectly-elected lawmaker, Chui Sai Cheong, brother of the Chief Executive, may be elected as vice-president of the Legislative Assembly (AL) on Monday, when the new legislature convenes for the first time, the Times has learned.

According to our source, Ho Iat Seng will remain president as expected, while two other legislators elected via the indirect vote will occupy the positions of first secretary of the board (Kou Hoi In) and second secretary of the board (Chan Hong). Kou Hoi In, who is a representative of the Business sector, and a veteran lawmaker, was promoted from second secretary, a position now occupied by a female newcomer to the AL board, Chan Hong, a representative of the Welfare and Education sector.

The absence of legislators elected by universal suffrage from the board of the AL doesn’t come as a total surprise, although some legislators and political commentators advocated the presence of at least one directly-elected member on the board following the September 17 elections.

“What is really surprising, almost shocking, is that a brother of the leader of the executive branch is chosen for the position of vice-president of the legislative branch. Why not president?” an anonymous observer remarked to the Times.

Chui Sai Cheong, 63, secured a seat at the Legislative Assembly via the indirect election as one of the three representatives of the Professionals sector.

He is the general-manager of the property and development division of Chui’s family business, Companhia de Investimento Predial Chui’s, Lda and, among other responsibilities, he presides over the Macau Management Association.

Chui Sai Cheong is also a member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. PC

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