City of Dreams brings guests to space | Up, up and away!


Alex Tang (Left) and Steve Webster

The local resort City of Dreams has revealed its newest project, which seeks to enhance the experience of its guests by providing them with an adventure to outer space.
In an unveiling ceremony yesterday, City of Dreams and its partner, XCOR Space Expeditions Asia Limited, jointly presented “The Space Legend,” which allows guests to venture into outer space “for the very first time in the history of the Asian entertainment and leisure industry.”
During the ceremony, Steve Webster, senior vice president of marketing at Melco Crown Entertainment Limited, said that this unique project is “creating a legend.” “We are the first and only premium integrated resort in Asia offering such a one-of-a-kind journey to its guests,” he said.
“This is the first commercial space travel ever provided by any resort operator in Asia. A total of three packages will be given to our guests through a monthly lucky draw for three consecutive months. Our winners will be some of the first 100 SXC astronauts in the world – to be more specific, the first 12 SXC astronauts in Asia. Their credits will be recognised in the Curacao Spaceport in the Netherlands,” the senior vice president explained.
Alex Tang, chief executive of XCOR Asia, said that space travel was once an unattainable dream, which has since come true in City of Dreams.
“It is my honor to collaborate with City of Dreams Macau, the leading integrated entertainment resort in Asia, and to inaugurate ‘The Space Legend’ in Asia. Participating guests will become one of the first 12 XCOR astronauts in Asia and also one of the first 100 XCOR astronauts in the world. This bespoke journey is regarded as unprecedented. As of today, no other resorts in Asia have created such a prestigious experience for its guests,” he said.
In a press release, City of Dreams said that the space journey will take people on a one-hour suborbital flight to as high as 103 kilometers above sea level in XCOR Lynx Mark II.
“The journey begins at City of Dreams Macau, followed by a night’s accommodation at The Peninsula Hotel Hong Kong. A luxurious ride in a Rolls Royce to the Hong Kong International Airport will transfer guests to board a private jet, taking them to Curacao, an island in the southern Caribbean Sea that forms part of the Dutch Caribbean for a five-day astronaut training and space expedition,” according to the release.
“The Space Legend” campaign will be launched by City of Dreams Macau starting in November this year. Guests who spend MOP1,000 or more at City of Dreams’ retail outlet, at the restaurant bar, or on tickets to Dragon’s Treasure, “The House of Dancing Water”  or “TABOO,”  and members of Signature Club will be eligible to take part in the lucky draw.

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