Customs Service seized over 15,000 illegal cigarettes

The Macao Customs Service (SA) has seized a total of 15,080 illegal cigarettes and tobacco products. A successful operation, held on June 16 by the SA with the support of the Health Bureau (SSM), was the result of a complaint indicating the sale of suspect products in such establishments.

According to the statement from the SSM, 6,980 units of tobacco products – with an approximate value of MOP5,200 – from two well-known Mainland brands, were being sold without any of the required health warnings. On the line are taxes amounting to a total of MOP10,400.

Following the questioning of two suspected shop owners, further investigation resulted in the confiscation of another 8,100 cigarettes due to suspected nonpayment of taxes amounting to MOP12,000.

The two shops, where the illegal products were found, were targeting visitors from mainland China as buyers of the products.

The SA intends to prosecute the establishment involved in the offence in accordance with the Foreign Trade Law, which may result in a fine between MOP5,000 and MOP100,000 as well as the permanent seizure of the  goods. The goods will become property of the Macau Special Administrative Region.

It was also discovered in the investigation that the products were purchased in the Mainland, and subsequently smuggled into the region.

In the same statement, the SA reaffirms their continued efforts to fight illicit activities such as these, including strengthening their collection of information, which requests that the public report any suspicious sales of cigarettes. RM

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