The Flight of the Condor

  * Movies: Stronger * Books: The Cuban Affair: a Novel by Nelson DeMille * Music: Wonderful Wonderful by The Killers * Wine: Tasting II

‘Stronger’ tells a survivor’s heart-wrenching story

Stronger” is about a survivor but it is not a feel-good movie. In 2013, 27-year-old Jeff Bauman went to watch his ex-girlfriend, Erin Hurley, run the

‘The Cuban Affair’ feels authentic and real

A charter boat captain in Key West, Florida, gets an offer he can’t refuse in Nelson DeMille’s latest novel, “The Cuban Affair.” Daniel “Mac” MacCormick has retired.

The Killers return with complex and brilliant angst

Don’t be fooled by the title of The Killers’ latest CD. Things aren’t “Wonderful” — much less “Wonderful Wonderful.” This may be the most misleading album title

News of the World | California condors return to the skies after near extinction

In a remote, rugged valley overlooking the Pacific Ocean, researchers closely monitor an endangered icon: the California condor. The giant vultures flap their wings and circle

Tasting II

After the visual part of the tasting (, we now have an idea about the strength of the wine: flavours, alcohol, age, even if it is from a

Kitchenwise | Autumn soup mixes sweet potato and mushroom

What’s for dinner? It is the eternal question and, nationwide, the “I’m out of ideas” face can be spotted on folks wandering the grocery store in

Life and death of Irma

  * Movies: mother! * Books: A Legacy of Spies by John Le Carre * Music: Contraband Love by Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams * Wine: The Spanish Principality * Travelog: New York wine country   DOWNLOAD

Jennifer Lawrence stuns in the audacious ‘mother!’

Women give, men take and the Old Testament crashes into modern anxiety in director Darren Aronofsky’s “mother!” It is an audacious, bold and fascinating fever dream of a

George Smiley returns in ‘A Legacy of Spies’

John Le Carre’s newest novel, “A Legacy of Spies,” brings back the man who is perhaps Le Carre’s most famous of spies, George Smiley, though mostly in

Larry Campbell & Teresa Williams show rootsy range

Master multi-instrumentalist Larry Campbell is a restless soul, and onstage he alternates from guitar to mandolin to fiddle to pedal steel, sometimes switching during songs. His

News of the World | Hurricane Irma: Two weeks of fury and devastation end

Irma, which flattened some Caribbean islands and enveloped nearly all of Florida in its fury, no longer exists. The open Atlantic’s most powerful hurricane on record finally

The Spanish Principality

Covering just over 10,000 sqkm and with just over 1 million people, Asturias – officially the Principality of Asturias (Principado de Asturias) – is one of the smaller

Travelog | New York wine country: Sips and scenery in the Finger Lakes

Two million years ago, glaciers clawed 11 long, deep gashes into what is now central New York. The resulting Finger Lakes are among the deepest in the United States,

‘Descent into outright dictatorship’ | The LAST HEADLINE

  * Movies: IT * Books: The Golden House by Salman Rushdie * Music: Treasures Untold BY Tom Brosseau * Wine: Tasting I * Travelog: Turn over a new leaf   DOWNLOAD

A few good scares can’t hold ‘It’ together

Here’s the good news: Pennywise is as creepy as ever in the new “It.” Thanks to a bigger budget and some improved special effects some 27 years

Rushdie crafts modern masterpiece in ‘The Golden House’

If you read a lot of fiction, you know that every once in a while you stumble upon a book that transports you, telling a story full

A first-class hum and more from Tom Brosseau

A character in a Tom Brosseau song doesn’t just cry — he wipes his eyes with his tie. Such details magnify the beauty in Brosseau’s precise performing

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