A week of walking in Scotland

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Riveting ‘Dunkirk’ is Nolan’s, and year’s, best

Dunkirk" is not a typical war movie. There are no brothers in arms, no flashbacks to simpler times and pretty wives and girlfriends left behind, no

Garwood delivers another suspenseful romance with ‘Wired’ 

Julie Garwood delivers another suspenseful romance with her new novel, “Wired.” Readers will be immersed in a world of digital coding where computer hackers reign as heroes.

On third album, Foster the People finds the right mix

It hasn’t always been easy to be Foster the People. Making sophisticated pop with thoughtful lyrics in danceable, candy-coated hooks is like being a character actor trapped

Travelog | Forests, moors, peat bogs: A week of walking in Scotland

Scotland has more than two dozen official long-distance trails through moors, peat bogs and forests. We chose one of the most popular, the West Highland Way.

The Ebullient North

For its fame, price, stature and ceremony, Champagne can be overbearing at times, overshadowing other worthy sparkling wines not just in France, e.g. various blanquettes, clairettes, crémants and

Environment | World’s plastic waste could bury Manhattan 3km deep

Industry has made more than 9.1 billion tons of plastic since 1950 and there’s enough left over to bury Manhattan under more than two miles of trash,

The fiesta of a lifetime

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Wine Service

A very important part of enjoying your wine fully and understanding the etiquette, is how to serve it well.  The first step is to make sure your

A trip across centuries in Sicily

* Movies: War for the Planet of the Apes * Books:  My Glory Was I Had Such Friends: A Memoir * Music: Bedouine

A thrilling epic in ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’

Apparently all the new Planet of the Apes films needed to do to really hit a home run was take the humans out of the equation. It’s what this

Amy Silverstein explores friendship in ‘My Glory’ memoir 

Amy Silverstein received a new heart when was 25 years old, and for the next 26 years she beat the odds, surpassing all expectations for a transplant

Bedouine’s debut is hushed, haunted, delicate wonder

Bedouine is Azniv Korkejian’s alias and the title of her debut. It’s a hushed, haunted, delicate wonder — a collection evoking 1970s singer-songwriters which pairs her thoughtful

Travelog | A road trip through Sicily is a trip across centuries

Sicily sits at the toe of Italy’s boot, just 3.2 kilometers from the mainland, at its closest point, and a short ferry ride from the town of Messina. But

The Standard-Bearers of Württemberg II

(Continued from “The Standard- Bearers of Württemberg” on June 9 2017) Affectionately referred to by locals as the Ländle (literally: Little Land), Swabia (Schwaben) is a historic,

Food & Beverage | US schools rethink meal-debt policies that humiliate kids

Teaching assistant Kelvin Holt watched as a preschool student fell to the back of a cafeteria line during breakfast in Killeen, Texas, as if trying to hide.

Hong Kong 2017 | The City That Never Eases

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‘Cars 3’ steers a welcome if imperfect gender shift

Three films in, it's time to ask some hard questions about the world of "Cars." What are their interiors like? Brains and a heart or plush