‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ satisfies in superhero summer

It's a bit of bad timing for "X-Men: Apocalypse" coming third in this summer's superhero lineup. Director Bryan Singer invigorates his latest X-Men film with vintage 1980s charm in an origin

Gosling-Crowe chemistry livens uneven ‘Nice Guys’

  Take two charismatic actors. Give them characters that are, on the surface, totally incompatible. Plunk them into your basic whodunit, a mismatched team fighting fill-in-the-blank bad guys. Stir in some

Clooney gets a conscience in ‘Money Monster’

George Clooney plays a Jim Cramer-like television personality who's forced to grow a conscience when a disgruntled viewer holds him hostage on live TV in "Money Monster," a serviceable, if

In Paris-set ‘Dheepan,’ a timely refugee thriller

French director Jacques Audiard is a curious combination of art-house auteur and genre filmmaker, a brazen showman and gritty naturalist. He makes tender and brutal movies that recast themselves as

Adaptation examines dysfunction of ‘The Family Fang’

Family dysfunction takes on new meaning in "The Family Fang," a film about a pair of performance artists for whom everything in life is part of the act, and the

It’s worth stopping into ‘Barbershop: The Next Cut’

When you come back to a beloved place after many years, sometimes you find all the faces have changed and the vibe is completely different. Not so with Ice Cube's "Barbershop."

In ‘Green Room’ a punk band faces the truly hardcore

Play your early stuff,” is the advice given to the punk band The Ain’t Rights when their dirt-broke, gas-siphoning tour lands a last-minute gig at an Oregon backwoods roadhouse in

Grief gets weird in Vallee’s ‘Demolition’

What if a young man who just lost his young wife in a car accident experienced none of the stages of grief? What if he felt nothing? What if he,

Linklater’s portrait of the artist as young frat boy

Everybody Wants Some!!" is Richard Linklater's self-­described spiritual sequel to "Dazed and Confused," and, somewhat miraculously, the spirit has remained intact. It's been 13 years from one to the other: long

Worlds collide in ‘Batman v Superman’

Zac Snyder’s thundering and grim “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” offers the kind of blunt, mano-a-mano faceoff usually reserved for Predators, Godzillas and presidential candidates. And just as has often

‘Midnight Special’ is an electrifying mystery

Midnight Special” is one of those rare, stimulating creations that grabs you and penetrates your bloodstream from start to finish. This unique tale about a kid with special powers skillfully

In ‘Eye in the Sky,’ drone warfare gets its close up

Omniscient high-definition views from above have done nothing to penetrate the fog of war in Gavin Hood's drone drama "Eye in the Sky." It's a lean, Lumet-like thriller that puts the

‘Whiskey Tango Foxtrot’ looks inside war reporting

Journalism is having a moment at the movies. Days after the journalism procedural “Spotlight” won best picture at the Academy Awards, Paramount is releasing “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” a comic drama about

Crooked cops gone worse in muddled ‘Triple 9’

Triple 9" has everything going for it, and that's it biggest handicap. This tale of gangsters and crooked cops in Atlanta has got a murderer's row of acting talent — Casey

In ‘The Witch,’ a haunting prequel to Salem

Set under gray Puritan skies in a deathly autumn, "The Witch" is a slow-burning 1600s horror thriller so bone-dry it would only take a match for the whole movie to

‘Zoolander 2’ tries a little too hard to up the ante

In case you don't follow the global fashion calendar, Fashion Week has just begun in New York, bringing with it a few nice clothes plus the usual over-the-top weirdness —