News of the World | Taylor Swift plays Formula One

Tens of thousands packed into the Circuit of the Americas on Saturday night for Swift’s only concert of the year at Formula One’s only race on American soil. Formula One’s goal

News of the World | Where Zika struck hardest, Brazil moms say more help needed

As the sun dyes the early morning sky a reddish hue, Angelica Pereira carries her 1-year-old daughter out of the tiny white house sitting on a dirt road where piles

News of the World | Some lyrics from Bob Dylan songs

American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan won the 2016 Nobel Prize in literature yesterday, a stunning announcement that for the first time bestowed the prestigious award on a musician for "having created

NEWS OF THE WORLD | Vuitton gives star-filled happy ending to dark Paris season

In lauded designer Nicolas Ghesquiere’s finest collection since restyling the house in 2013, the French designer exposed his passion for the 1980s and riffed on science fiction. Big hair, big shoulders,

NEWS OF THE WORLD | Trump’s old military prep school looks overseas for renewal

While Donald Trump talks tough about dealing with China, his old military prep school is building bridges to that country. The New York Military Academy began classes this fall with new

News of the World | Proposal to revive royal yacht draws fans, foes in Britain

The U.K. may be sailing into an uncertain future outside the European Union, but if campaigners have their way, Britannia will rule the waves again. A Conservative lawmaker and the Daily

News of the World | Snow leopards’ return brings hope to remote Afghan region

The leopards range across the snowy mountains of a dozen countries in Central and South Asia, but their numbers had declined in recent decades as hunters sought their spotted pelts

MDT Exclusive | Macau-born Filipina joins Miss World Philippines

Miss World Philippines 2016 has listed a Macau-born Filipina as one of the 25 finalists in its beauty pageant. Sandra Lemonon, who is also half French, decided to compete in the

News of the World | The quest to end lost airline luggage

Victor DaRosa stands under a scorching afternoon sun, loading bags onto a jet heading to Detroit. As each suitcase climbs up the conveyor belt into the plane, a small computer verifies

News of the World | Sour letter from Bonnie and Clyde to ex-ally up for auction

Bonnie and Clyde made it quite clear how they felt about a former member of their gang in a letter they sent to him as he sat in the Dallas

News of the World | NOT SECRET: Documents reveal Soviets worried about detente after Nixon quit

The CIA is releasing 2,500 newly declassified intelligence briefs provided to President Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Yesterday’s release includes mixed reaction from overseas to Nixon’s resignation in 1974. The briefs indicate

Travelog | Whee! Niagara Falls latest natural wonder to add zip line

Niagara Falls is the latest natural wonder to add a zip line, offering honeymooners and everyone else the chance to take an adrenaline-­pumping plunge toward churning mist at speeds topping

News of the world | Mobsters in Little Italy? Gentrifying NYC enclave scoffs

In a recent conversation with an undercover FBI agent wearing a wire, a reputed mobster from Connecticut named Eugene "Rooster" O'Norfio proclaimed himself the new boss of the "Mulberry Street

News of the World | Five memorable moments from Olympic opening ceremonies

It’s almost game time in Rio, but first there’s the pageantry of the Olympic opening ceremony. Always splashy affairs, the parade of athletes this time around will take place Friday

News of the World | Turkey, once touted as a regional model, is now mired in tension

Turkey was riding high in 2010, casting its brand of Islamic piety, Western-style democracy and economic growth as a regional model amid popular upheavals in the Mideast and North Africa. Six

Travelog | Guide to visiting Rio for the Olympics, from safety to samba

With the Olympics just a few weeks away, Brazil faces a litany of problems: an economy in freefall, the Zika virus and a political crisis with an impeached president. But

In China, ‘Happy Gymnastics’ replaces grind of strict study

In a room full of bright-colored cubes and giant mattresses, giggling children climb bars, try somersaults and walk gingerly on a low balance beam. Some stand on their hands, showing

Travelog | And then, Macau

Asia has always been a fascination of mine. The exotic food, the gentle spirituality, the diversity of cultures keeps drawing me back to the region. I have been lucky enough