Travelog | Whee! Niagara Falls latest natural wonder to add zip line

Niagara Falls is the latest natural wonder to add a zip line, offering honeymooners and everyone else the chance to take an adrenaline-­pumping plunge toward churning mist at speeds topping

News of the world | Mobsters in Little Italy? Gentrifying NYC enclave scoffs

In a recent conversation with an undercover FBI agent wearing a wire, a reputed mobster from Connecticut named Eugene "Rooster" O'Norfio proclaimed himself the new boss of the "Mulberry Street

News of the World | Five memorable moments from Olympic opening ceremonies

It’s almost game time in Rio, but first there’s the pageantry of the Olympic opening ceremony. Always splashy affairs, the parade of athletes this time around will take place Friday

News of the World | Turkey, once touted as a regional model, is now mired in tension

Turkey was riding high in 2010, casting its brand of Islamic piety, Western-style democracy and economic growth as a regional model amid popular upheavals in the Mideast and North Africa. Six

Travelog | Guide to visiting Rio for the Olympics, from safety to samba

With the Olympics just a few weeks away, Brazil faces a litany of problems: an economy in freefall, the Zika virus and a political crisis with an impeached president. But

In China, ‘Happy Gymnastics’ replaces grind of strict study

In a room full of bright-colored cubes and giant mattresses, giggling children climb bars, try somersaults and walk gingerly on a low balance beam. Some stand on their hands, showing

Travelog | And then, Macau

Asia has always been a fascination of mine. The exotic food, the gentle spirituality, the diversity of cultures keeps drawing me back to the region. I have been lucky enough

Asian actors too busy to fret over Hollywood ‘white-washing’

While hurt, irritated or dumb-founded perhaps about the so-called "white-washing" syndrome, performers in Asia aren't expressing the level of outrage of a Margaret Cho, George Takei or other Americans, The

News Of The World | Work harder, North Korea orders citizens. But does it help?

The bright red slogans hang from buses, government buildings and even some restaurants and gas stations, urging North Koreans to work harder to make the country's 200-day "speed campaign" a

News of The World | Disney opens ‘distinctly Chinese’ Shanghai park

A Chinese vice premier joined Disney CEO Bob Iger in cutting a red ribbon as the park opened, signaling the ruling party's endorsement of the USD5.5 billion investment in promoting

Preview, review & interview | Now you see Macau, Now you don’t

Macau features for a good 45 minutes in the plot of blockbuster Hollywood sequel “Now You See Me 2,” and it takes a central role in the action. As in any

News of the World | Young players get a chance to shine at Euro 2016

Many nations are betting on youth at the European Championship, giving promising youngsters a chance to shine in France. Some of the top nations have included up-and-coming players in their squads

News of the World | In image-conscious Dubai, even police patrol in luxury cars

The high-end squad cars fit into the greater gearhead ethos of Dubai, where fire-engine red Ferraris growl at stoplights and convertible Rolls Royces prowl the boulevard ringing the world's tallest

China’s high-tech future emerges in factory town Shenzhen

Forget Beijing and Shanghai. China's economic future is emerging in Shenzhen. Once a collection of fishing enclaves next door to Hong Kong, Shenzhen, which has become the epicenter of China's manufacturing-driven

Digital Life | Bias complaints on Facebook’s ‘trending’ tool

A former Facebook contractor with self-described conservative leanings said Facebook downplayed news that conservatives are interested in and artificially promoted liberal issues such as the “BlackLivesMatter” hashtag, said the technology blog

‘The Godfather’ studio is hoping for an offer it can’t refuse

Behind the fabled arch off Melrose Avenue, Hollywood history is everywhere. Over here is the stage where “Rear Window” and “The Graduate” were shot. Over there is Lucy Park, a