Thawing of US-Cuba relations inspires Havana tourism dreams

Tourism dreams are growing in Cuba. The thawing of U.S.-Cuba relations has inspired many Cubans to think big. Visits by Americans were up 36 percent between January and early May compared

Exclusive | From tycoons to state bosses: key people in Chinese business

The most successful of China’s entrepreneurs have created some of the world’s biggest companies and amassed stunning fortunes. Often they are little known outside of China, but that is changing

News of the World | For Afghanistan’s abandoned children, help is scarce

  Starved and beaten by his step-mother, the little boy with big brown eyes was already withdrawn and unhappy by the time his father banished him from the family home and

Migrants take long, winding road to reach EU gateway Hungary

From a Budapest hilltop overlooking a panorama of central Europe, Jean-Paul Apetey reflects on how far he’s come, how improbable and unexpected his journey has been — and yet how

History | Artifacts lost in shipwreck 191 years ago returned to Hawaii

A museum in Hawaii is preparing to open a treasure-trove of artifacts from the shipwreck of a royal yacht sunk off the island of Kauai 191 years ago. Richard Rogers, a

TV series | ‘A.D. The Bible Continues’ goes beyond the biblical epic

The people are restive, the priesthood is scheming and a fanatic band of insurgents known as the zealots are plotting assassinations — and now to make matters worse, the body

Yoga teacher Rita launches a studio of her own: ‘Om is where her heart is’

Do you know the McDonald's building in Senado Square? Most of Macau has probably walked inside it at one time or another to get their fast food fix, but Rita

George Chinnery leaves lasting legacy of Macau

Visitors coming to Macau for the first time see a skyline worthy of Manhattan, with skyscrapers shimmering in the night sky and an incessant stream of vehicles crossing the bridges

Five cars getting attention at the Geneva auto show

Volkswagen’s functional Passat family car may have taken top honors as car of the year at the annual Geneva motor show, but there is no doubt what visitors come to

Where in the world is Tyler Kuan?

Do you remember the “Where’s Wally?” books? Dressed in a red stripy t-shirt and hat, young protagonist and adventurer Wally would turn up in various locations around the world and

Stories of former illegal immigrants who fled to Macau during the’ 70s | ‘In search of freedom and a better life’

In the 1970s and 80s, numerous mainlanders illegally entered Macau and Hong Kong in search of freedom and better lives. Scholars later dubbed the mass movement of people as the


COMMERCIAL PUBLISHING CO. 34 CALIFORNIA ST., S.F. (1892) continued from 16 January The government of Macao derives its greatest revenue from the licensing of gambling houses, and these form one of the principal


  A late nineteenth-century Californian view of Macau: Charles Gunnison’s ‘In Macao.’ Charles A. Gunnison (1861-97), the secretary

New book reveals hidden history of Portuguese of Burma

Many of us here were born in Portugal or at least Goa. We have spent many years here in Burma. We always feel like we are prisoners or guests or

TRAVELOG | Desert storm Heavy snowfall, strong winter storm hits Middle East

Snow fell in parts of the Middle East this week as a powerful winter storm swept through the region, killing two Syrian refugees in Lebanon and forcing thousands who have

News of the World | Religion in India bubbles over into politics

Powerful Hindu nationalist leaders — some with close ties to Modi's government — say they intend to ensure India becomes a completely Hindu nation. But Modi himself? He has remained silent

NEWS OF THE WORLD | Bold booty or sheer reveal: 2014 was big on flesh

Skin was definitely in, but was 2014 all about the big, bold booty or a sheer reveal up top? On runways, Marc Jacobs sent up-and-comer Kendall Jenner out during February’s New

NEWS OF THE WORLD | Merriam-Webster names ‘culture’ word of the year

The word “culture” joins Oxford Dictionaries’ “vape,” a darling of the e-cigarette movement, and “exposure,” declared the year’s winner at during a time of tragedy and fear due to

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