Wagner embraces great actresses in engaging Hollywood memoir

A love letter to actresses he admired on and off the screen, Robert J. Wagner’s engaging memoir offers a warm embrace for the many women who helped

Syrian band brings music of Aleppo to Berlin

Instead of bombs there were beats. Guitars took over for guns. And there were cheers, not screams. But Aleppo was never far from the minds of the

News of the World | Pyongyang banned from exporting statues after nuclear test

With somewhere around 4,000 artists and staff, the Mansudae Art Studio, a huge complex of nondescript concrete buildings on a sprawling, walled-off campus with armed guards in

The Progenitor of East Asia II

Continued from “The Progenitor of East Asia” on 8 December 2016) Although “huangjiu” literally means “yellow wine”, it is not quite yellow in colour, but more like

Food & Beverage | Drunken monkeys and the evolution of boozing

Nothing rings in the New Year like a solution of bubbling, neurotoxic ethanol. Humanity’s longstanding relationship with alcohol poses an evolutionary puzzle: Surely natural selection would weed out

2016 | Year in Review

  * Movies: Silence * Books: The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher * Music: Kane Brown * Wine: The Vinous Bel Canto II * Food & Beverage: What the world’s top chefs like to eat

Food & Beverage | What the world’s top chefs like to eat at home

The world’s greatest chefs are just like us: They don’t like to take their work home with them. When it comes to home cooking, it turns


Hong Kong’s police department classified the disappearance of the co-owners of a bookstore as a missing-person case. The disappearance of Lee Bo, a major shareholder of Causeway Bay

The Vinous Bel Canto II

(Continued from “The Vinous Bel Canto” on December 2, 2016) Tuscany’s indigenous grape variety goes by different names in various places, e.g. Sangiovese in Chianti, Prugnolo Gentile in Vino

Kane Brown turned Facebook likes into a country music career

As a kid, Kane Brown and his mother used to sing together as pretend “American Idol” contestants. But when Brown actually tried out for the show

Fisher’s ‘The Princess Diarist’ doesn’t dish enough

I’ve spent so many years not telling the story of Harrison and me having an affair on the first ‘Star Wars’ movie that it’s difficult to

Scorsese’s ‘Silence’ is a gorgeous, tedious journey

Martin Scorsese's "Silence " is not an easy film to watch. At times it's grotesquely violent, at others tediously slow. But it is a full and worthy

Smog alert

* Movies: Barry * Books: Perfume - A century of Scents  by Lizzie Ostrom * Music: Peace Trail by Neil Young * Wine:

In ‘Barry,’ a young Obama, long before ‘hope’

N ot since young Abe have the early formations of an American president inspired as much moviemaking as Barack Obama’s early life. Vikram Ghandi’s “Barry,” a snapshot of Obama as

‘Perfume’ by Lizzie Ostrom a solid pop culture guide

Fragrance has always been wrapped in social and economic issues, controversy, memories and history as Lizzie Ostrom so persuasively shows in the lively “Perfume: A Century of Scents.”

Neil Young tackles pipeline, technology on ‘Peace Trail’

Prolific rocker Neil Young is at his curmudgeonly best on “Peace Trail,” bemoaning his place in the current generation while standing up for his decades- long commitment to fighting for the underdog. In