‘Just Between Us’ is terrific thriller

Four friends delve into unfamiliar territory when three of them realize they must intervene to save the fourth in “Just Between Us,” Rebecca Drake’s twisty and compelling

New N.E.R.D. album both frustrating and intriguing

There’s a new N.E.R.D. album out so it’s best to plan ahead: Carve out some time and be prepared to put in some work. N.E.R.D. albums are

News of the world | No wedding, no Crown: What’s a royal obsessive to do?

Are you a royal desperado, in that binge-watching kind of way? The House of Windsor, under that and other grand names, has provided five British monarchs

Good Buy I: The Critics

Here comes the delicate moment of choosing and purchasing a wine. Our last chapter about deciphering wine labels is part of the process, and now several more ways

TRAVELOG | Ethiopia Ancient churches, mysterious towers and Lucy

Ethiopia has always held me in thrall. It is a cradle of prehistoric humankind. It embraced Christianity long before the missionaries arrived. Its people carved subterranean

Dangerous Taboo

  * Movies: Phantom Thread * Books: Robicheaux by James Lee Burke * Music:  ...And Then by Speed The Plough * Wine: Label

‘Phantom Thread’ spins a rich showcase for Day-Lewis

With echoes of “Rebecca” and lavish Max Ophuls productions, writer and director Paul Thomas Anderson spins the tale of an obsessive fashion designer and his muse into

Dave Robicheaux returns in new novel by James Lee Burke

James Lee Burke’s iconic deputy from Louisiana, Dave Robicheaux, must face the past that haunts him while pursuing a murder case that hits too close to home

Speed The Plough bring the family on ‘…And Then’

Part of New Jersey’s rich indie scene, Speed The Plough has a family tree deserving its own entry in any rock genealogy, with crisscrossing branches including The

Label Deciphering

Choosing a wine based only on its label can make you feel like an explorer in front of an unknown civilisation. This applies particularly to wines of the

Cauliflower mashed potatoes are simple to make

Let’s say you’ve resolved to eat healthier in the New Year, but find yourself tripped up over and over again by your unconquerable yen for food that’s

Happy New Travels

  * Movies: Downsizing * Books: The Wanted by Robert Crais * Music: The Visitor by Neil Young & Promise of the Real * Wine: The Palatine Idyll * KitchenWise: Korean Grain Bowl     DOWNLOAD

‘Downsizing,’ a big-picture film about little people

It’s hard to say what’s better about the first half of Alexander Payne’s wonderfully weird — or is it weirdly wonderful? — “Downsizing”: the audacity of its premise,

Neil Young lashes out at Trump, world on ‘Visitor’

Neil Young is unhappy. That’s good news for music fans. Young is back and crotchety in “The Visitor,” a record that finds him lashing out

Travelog | From Malta to Minneapolis, a look at where to go in 2018

From Malta to Minneapolis, here’s a look at some destinations around the world that will be making news in 2018. They include designated culture capitals, places hosting

The Palatine Idyll

With some 23,000ha of vineyards, Pfalz is Germany’s second largest wine region, marginally smaller than Rheinhessen, which has approximately 26,000ha. Formerly known as Rheinpfalz (or Rhine Palatinate in

KitchenWise | Korean Grain Bowl is built on healthy, filling ingredients

Every New Year, lots of us resolve to lose weight. And every year, lots of us fail. The problem? We go from eating too much food, much

Trump stirs Christmas in Bethlehem

* Movies: Bright * Books: Anyone Who’s Anyone by George Wayne * Music: Revival by Eminem * Wine: The Port Side * KitchenWise: Chocolate Peppermint Cookies   DOWNLOAD

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