Bob Dylan returns to standards on ‘Fallen Angels’

After his own songs have been covered by hundreds of artists over the past half century, Bob Dylan is turning the tables for a second time in as many years. On

Under the radar, Darrell Scott defies category

Darrell Scott is one of those Nashville-based singer-songwriters who out-of-towners hear in some of the city's smaller venues and wonder: "Why isn't he more famous?" He answers emphatically on the stellar

Martina McBride shines on new album, ‘Reckless’

On Martina McBride's first album for the Nash Icon label — created to market veteran country singers — she hedges her bets by co-producing with longtime hit-maker Dann Huff (Keith

The Titanic and WWI inspire Brian Eno’s ‘The Ship’

Brian Eno combines ambient textures with droning vocals and a sterling cover of a Lou Reed tune on "The Ship," a powerfully challenging and gloomy recording that ends in bright

Beyonce again proves to be center of pop universe

Beyonce doesn't simply release albums anymore, she unleashes events. And so it was this weekend, amid deep mourning for a lost icon, music's queen dropped "Lemonade," an arresting display of what

Peter Wolf stresses country on ‘Cure For Loneliness’

Peter Wolf's "A Cure for Loneliness," just his third solo album since 2002, is a mostly laid- back effort reverberating with thoughtful country tones. Wolf has kept the bar high since "Long

Pet Shop Boys stay danceable and electric on ‘Super’

Pet Shop Boys take another drink from the fountain of youth on "Super," offering more dance than pop 13 studio albums and more than 30 years after "West End Girls." Written

Cool rockin’ granddaddy Willie Nile glorifies untamed aging

Willie Nile is loud and proud. While other rockers merely strut around leathered and weathered, Nile takes one giant leap for mankind: glorifying the aging process with the party-hearty song “Grandpa

Cheap Trick still wants you to want them – and you will

Some classic rock bands limp into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on the basis of past reputation. On the other hand, Cheap Trick — the hard-charging, melodic rockers

Bob Mould deepens the search on ‘Patch the Sky’

Bob Mould says "Patch the Sky" is the darkest and catchiest album he's made recently ("Silver Age" and "Beauty & Ruin" are the others in this cycle) and he's right

Pete Yorn splendidly miserable on ‘ArrangingTime’

Pete Yorn returns after an extended hiatus with "ArrangingTime," his sixth and lushest solo studio album since his 2001 debut. "ArrangingTime" shares more than just space bar anemia with his first

Assassin shows versatility on 1st album in years

One of Jamaica's most underrated yet diverse and creative lyricists, Assassin A.K.A. Agent Sasco releases his first studio album in almost a decade. In a transition from dancehall, the artist turns

Brit rockers the 1975 funky on sophomore album

British pop-rockers 1975 get downright and reasonably funky on its latest album with a title so long it will barely fit anywhere. For the record, the 17-track release is called

Dio bandmates line up to carry on singer’s legacy

Since the death of singer Ronnie James Dio in 2010, something of a cottage industry has sprung up, dedicated to keeping alive the memory and spirit of the vocalist who

Kanye West evolves again on ‘TLOP’

Some two decades ago, Prince re-named himself with an unpronounceable symbol and scrawled "SLAVE" on his cheek in a feud with Warner Bros Records. He spent lavishly on unreleased creative

The Cult deftly climbs new heights on ‘Hidden City’

The Cult has had its ups and downs over the more than 30 years since its debut. "Hidden City" shows the band climbing new heights. Led by mystically inclined singer and