Mozambique | Economy still destabilized by liquidity crisis

The Mozambican economy will continue to be destabilized by a liquidity crisis due to public debt impossible to manage and the suspension of international aid, the Economist Intelligence

Zhejiang Electric Power Construction negotiating dam purchase in Brazil

The Chinese Zhejiang Electric Power Construction Co Ltd (ZEPC) is negotiating the purchase of a stake in the Belo Monte hydroelectric complex on the Xingu River

Entrepreneurs from CPLP and China meet in Cape Verde

From June 16 to 18, Cape Verde will host a meeting between businesspeople of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP) and China under the theme

Half the population of Angola will have access to power by 2025

Fourteen million Angolans will have access to electricity from the national grid by 2025, announced in Soyo, the capital of Zaire province, the Minister of Energy

Interview | Patrice Trovoada: ‘We see Forum Macau as a major bonus’

Patrice Emery Trovoada is already well-known beyond the borders of São Tomé and Príncipe, well into the region of Central Africa. In just a few weeks, his notoriety

Cape Verde reinforces openness to foreign investment

Cape Verde, the Portuguese-speaking African country with the highest level of development and greatest political and economic stability, is preparing a set of measures to further open

The Buzz | 1st casino in Cape Verde opens

Casino Royal, the first gaming venue in Cape Verde opened on Thursday on the island of Sal. The project is attached to the Hilton Hotel and cost 5

Brazil wants to expand trade partnership with China

China is considered a priority market in the work plan of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex), said the chairman, Ambassador Roberto Jaguaribe. In

Dollar loses ground to the euro in Angola

The US dollar has lost ground to the euro in Angola due to the fact that commercial banks have stopped making transactions in US currency after

Brazil | China Grid launches takeover bid for CPFL Energia

The China State Grid group plans to launch a tender offer for the remaining capital of Brazilian company CPFL Energia that it does not yet control, under

Increased opportunities available in Macau-PSC cooperation

The two- or three-way relationship between China and the Portuguese-Speaking Countries (PSC) will be in focus today, at an international conference due to be held in Lisbon

‘One Belt, One Road’ strategy drives Africa towards China

The isolationist trend in the foreign policy of the new US administration, particularly towards Africa, has led some analysts to predict that the Chinese “One Belt, One

São Tomé and China define areas of cooperation

São Tomé and Príncipe and China began on Thursday in São Tomé the process of defining the areas of cooperation with priority for agriculture, health, energy and

Mozambique | Standard & Poor’s reduces credit rating to the lowest level

Standard & Poor’s downgraded the credit rating of Mozambique to “SD/D” in a decision announced last week following the country notifying it will fail to pay the first

China’s financing still essential to Angola

Angolan public finances remain under pressure, despite improvements in the oil market and the country’s economic diversification efforts, with funding from China to remain key source

Going global | Zhuhai Airport aims to double its passengers by 2020

Zhuhai Jinwan Airport (ZUH) aims to establish itself as a hub for business jets and implement a pilot training facility – ambitious goals for the smallest

Mozambique | Economic growth is expected to increase from 2018

Mozambique will return to a period of increased economic growth between 2018 and 2021, during which the economy is expected to grow at an average rate of

Angola starts exporting mangoes to Portugal

A ship moored at the port of Namibe, southern Angola, within the next few days will travel to Portugal carrying a shipment of 35.7 tonnes of mangoes

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