Tokyo’s skyline set to see 45 new skyscrapers by 2020 Olympics

Tokyo’s skyline is set to welcome 45 new skyscrapers by the time city hosts the Olympics in 2020, as a surge of buildings planned in the early years

MSC’s Planetarium kicks off new space film

The Macao Science Center’s (MSC) Planetarium kicked off its latest dome show, “Space Next 3D” in a bid to further educate space enthusiasts about the history and future of

Crime | Chinese nationals arrested over illegal betting via WeChat

Seven Chinese mainland nationals, who allegedly operated an illegal betting company worth HKD10 million involving high stakes baccarat and the Chinese social messaging app WeChat, were arrested in Macau.

China car dilemma: Beijing wants electric, buyers want SUVs 

Automakers face a dilemma in China's huge but crowded market: Regulators are pushing them to sell electric cars, but buyers want gas-guzzling SUVs. The industry is rattled by Beijing's proposal to

Kim Jong Nam assassination | Trial of migrant worker suspects to commence today

Two women who allegedly smeared the face of North Korean exile Kim Jong Nam with a banned VX nerve agent are due to make their

Christians to remember their redemption on Easter

Devoted Christians are set to gather together to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The celebration is a cornerstone of the Christian tradition, recorded

Joint Declaration | 30 years after, still ‘a lot to do’

Thirty years have passed today since the signing of the Joint Declaration of the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Government of the

AL election | Mandatory declarations top concerns of lawmaker candidates

The Electoral Affairs Commission for the Legislative Assembly election (CAEAL) met yesterday with lawmakers for a briefing on election guidelines. Questions on the mandatory declarations of

Beijing warns against intervention over detained Taiwanese man

Beijing yesterday warned outside groups against seeking to intervene in the case of a Taiwanese pro-democracy activist detained in China, saying that would complicate matters and harm

Chao calls for public to be ‘guardians of election fairness’

As reported yesterday by the Times, former New Macau Association (ANM) leader Jason Chao announced this week the launch of his new election monitoring project, titled

Resident home loans down 26.1 percent

According to statistics released by the Monetary Authority of Macau (AMCM) today, new approvals of residential mortgage loans (RMLs) decreased by approximately 26 percent in February this

AL Plenary | New rules on tax information exchange to be applied

The amendment of the current Law on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters was passed at the Legislative Assembly (AL), yesterday, with the support of

30th anniversary | McDonald’s Macau plans to add three stores this year

McDonald’s Macau marked its 30th anniversary yesterday, launching a “McDonald’s Macau 30th Anniversary Memories Playland” at the Science Center to celebrate with the local community. Open to the

Capital punishment | Executions in China said to outpace world despite decline

China’s use of the death penalty remains shrouded in secrecy and still outpaces the rest of the world combined, even after the nation’s execution rate fell sharply

Gaming Alert | Vice stocks are back on top as anti-graft impact fades

Industries that suffered under President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption campaign are thriving again. Shares of Macau casino operators have clawed their way back to the highest level since

Consumer confidence index | Residents do not trust the housing market

The Macau Consumer Confidence Index (MCCI) stood at 86.35 in the first quarter of 2017, an increase of 3.26 percent from the fourth quarter of 2016.