Cultural Revolution | Five decades after the ‘catastrophe’ few say sorry

As a teenager, Wang Keming felt nothing but contempt for the older peasant his village singled out for collective persecution in 1970. Stirred by Mao Zedong’s radical ideology and inured

Diplomacy | Human rights question prompts scolding from Wang Yi

China’s visiting foreign minister publicly berated a Canadian journalist yesterday for asking a question about his country’s human rights record. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said it was “irresponsible” of

Philippines | Communist rebels to discuss peace talks with new government

Philippine communist rebels said yesterday that long-stalled peace talks could be resumed with the government of incoming President Rodrigo Duterte as early as July, and that they will demand an

South Korea | Busan uses technology to help pregnant women get seats

Before they show a baby bump, what some pregnant women in South Korea can expect when expecting is accusing glares when they take subway seats meant for pregnant, disabled or

USA | Washington adopts near total ban on African elephant ivory sales

The federal government will enact a near total ban on the domestic sale of African elephant ivory under federal regulations issued yesterday. It’s been illegal for decades to import African elephant

Messi affairs | ‘El Mago’ says he signed documents under father’s instructions

Lionel Messi denied having knowledge of the tax issues that led to fraud charges against him, saying yesterday he signed documents without reading them because he trusted his father and

Heritage | ‘Chapas Sínicas’ on the AP Register of the Memory of the World

Jointly nominated by the Archives of Macau and the National Archive of Torre do Tombo of Portugal, the collection of “Chapas Sínicas” was recommended by the expert MOWCAP Register Subcommittee

Adelson settles six-year feud with Jacobs

Sheldon Adelson ended his six-year legal fight with the former head of his Macau casinos whose allegations of “outrageous and illegal” demands by the billionaire Las Vegas Sands Corp. chairman

Casino revenue decline deepens in May on tighter rules

Macau’s gaming revenue dropped more than analysts’ estimates in May, as tighter rules affecting gamblers increased the challenges for the city’s casinos. Gaming stocks extended losses in Hong Kong. Gross gaming

Can macau take 40 million tourists? | City in need of capacity management, some heritage sites remain ‘unvisited’

The forecast number of visitor arrivals in Macau in 2025 is predicted to reach 38  to 40 million, based on the average annual rate of three to five percent increases,

Mitsubishi Materials, Chinese WWII slave workers reach deal

Mitsubishi Materials Corp., one of dozens of Japanese companies that used Chinese forced laborers during World War II, reached a settlement covering thousands of victims yesterday that includes compensation and

27 years on | Moms of Tiananmen victims vow to fight

Mothers of some of those killed in the bloody crackdown on China’s 1989 Tiananmen pro-democracy movement say they have lived through 27 years of state-led “terror and suffocation” and vow

Philippines | Next VP helped beat dictator and son years apart

Leni Robredo was a college student three decades ago when she rose with multitudes of Filipinos in a largely peaceful revolt that ousted Ferdinand Marcos as the world watched in

India | Slavery persists for millions, despite improvements

Every day as Kamla dug through the mud and molded bricks for north Indian kiln, her two hungry children would cry out to her for food. The 200 rupees (USD3)

Brexit | What UK can learn from Norway as it weighs life outside EU

Ahead of a June 23 referendum on whether to quit the European Union, Britons are looking across the North Sea to Norway for clues on what life could be like

The strange case of Alan Pulido | Mexican football player beats up kidnapper to free himself

Caught in a real-life win-or-lose challenge, football forward Alan Pulido overpowered a kidnapper, freed himself and then called police for help — a dramatic tale that shows how tough the

Military Club marks 146th anniversary with exhibitions

The Macau Military Club marked its 146th anniversary yesterday with the opening ceremony of an exhibition of paintings by Portuguese artist Graça Morais: “Trás-os-Montes, Terra Mágica.” The anniversary will be celebrated

Five-year-plan | Lao: Culture and education are ‘almost a business card of the city’

The coordinator of the Policy Research Office, Lao Pun Lap, yesterday stressed the relevance of the culture and education sectors to Macau. “They are almost a business card of the