Health | Clinic license suspended following inspection

Following the investigations from the Health Bureau (SSM) of four private clinics on the suspicion that these clinical facilities have been offering assisted reproductive services in contravention of regulations, the bureau has ordered the suspension of all activities from Ai Wei Fu Medical Center.

The bureau informed that the order is justified by the high number of illegally imported medicines found in the clinic during the September 19 investigation.

Apart from the suspicion of offences related to assisted reproduction, the medical center was also under investigation for suspected violations of foreign trade law regarding the importation of illegal medicines, as well as Decree-Law no. 58/90/M.

Following a preliminary inspection, further investigation of the center found 17 medicines suspected of being illegally imported, including a vaccine, human blood product and five medicines for hospital-exclusive use.
The SSM also advanced that of these 17 medical products, 12 were already past their expiry date.

The infringements led the SSM to suspend all activities and seal all relevant clinic equipment until further notice, “in order to guarantee the protection of public health and public safety.”

In addition, the SSM reaffirmed that assisted reproductive techniques have always been regulated, and that in relation to the recently published “Instructions for the Use of Medically Assisted Reproduction” they will provide guidance for the medical institutions regarding the procedures for submitting requests for authorization.
The SSM again urges citizens that they should only consult medical institutions that are accredited to provide such services, in order to “safeguard their own health and of the next generation,” reminding that any illegal provision of mentioned services by individuals or establishments will be sanctioned according to the law.

In Macau, assisted reproduction procedures have only been authorized at the Conde de S Januário Hospital Center (CHCSJ) and there currently are no authorized private clinics in the region.  RM

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