Indonesians ask for consulate in Macau

Indonesian workers attending a workshop in Macau

From January 17 onwards, Indonesia’s representative office in Macau will halt its operations in the region on Saturdays, hence only opening on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The new schedule was revealed in several newspaper advertisements on Monday.

Although the announcement may not significantly affect migrant workers, some Indonesians say they have been continually calling for an Indonesian Consulate to open in Macau.

Yosa Wariyanti, president of the Indonesian Migrant Workers Union previously told the Times that they are in need of an established consular office in the MSAR to alleviate the difficulties for Indonesian workers in Macau in seeking assistance.

“In an international region, we demand [they] open a consulate office in Macau. If not, [they can] open a service counter for Indonesians who have [consular] problems,” Wariyanti said.

Meanwhile, Eric Lestari, president of newly formed advocacy group Union Indonesian Migrant Workers in Macau, also stressed to the Times that they have been calling for a consulate to commence operations in the territory for a long time.

“Of course we want them to protect us, to serve Indonesian migrant workers and hear our voices,” she said. “We also ask our government to open everyday but they said only a few people come for consular services.”

Yet Lestari supposed that the Indonesian migrant workers are reluctant to approach the office when experiencing labor issues.

“They [Indonesian workers] don’t want to complain and be against anything. They keep quiet [so] out government thinks there’s not too many problems,” she added.

These Indonesian associations disseminate updated regulations and labor laws of Macau to their compatriots.

The groups also back Indonesian workers who are in need of assistance from the region’s labor department.  LV

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