Interview | António Trindade, CESL Asia CEO | ‘We could produce energy here much more efficiently’

Ahead of the Macao International Environmental Co-­operation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF), which kicks off today, the CEO of CESL Asia, António Trindade, said that in addition to finding environmentally friendly

Exclusive interview with Luís Ortet | The Chinese zodiac for fun

  It’s the time of year when local Chinese residents try to take a peek at their fortune for the upcoming year by reading Chinese zodiac almanacs. But this tradition surely

Top Rank producer Brad Jacobs: ‘We found an incredible home with wonderful people in Macau’

From zero to seven, Macau’s Cotai Arena has staged an array of high-profile boxing events that were expected to be authentic Las Vegas-like experiences. In less than two years, the

Exclusive interview | Sheldon Adelson : ‘We originated non-gaming development’

By the time The Parisian Macao opens in 2016, Las Vegas Sands Corp. will have invested more than USD13bn in Macau since Sands China Ltd became a concessionaire 13 years

Interview | Pawin Sriusvagool : Locals ‘appreciate the sense of luxury and they can afford to do so’

Last year, Mercedes Benz clinched the number one spot for overall sales in Macau, according to Pawin Sriusvagool, the general manager of Zung Fu Motors (Macau) and exclusive retailer of

Prince Leopold in an exclusive interview | Royal Bavarian beer to step into Macau market

German brewer “The World of Neuschwansteiner” is eyeing Macau and the mainland market beyond it to promote its new premium beer products. Named after a Bavarian royal castle, the beer

Interview with professor Zhidong Hao | ‘There’s not a united front in terms of the democracy movement’

Macau Daily Times (MDT) – Several Hong Kong activists and a lawmaker were recently refused entry to Macau. It happened before but is the situation getting worse? Zhidong Hao (ZH) –

Interview with Zoe | Sou Design: a way of reaching out to the community

  A local discarded factory in the Areia Preta (Hac Sa Wan) area has turned into a bustling platform showcasing not only Macau’s design works but also creations from overseas. Created

REAL ESTATE | Interview with Juliet Risdon | ‘There’s a whole correction in the market’

With extensive experience in Macau’s real estate industry, Juliet Risdon, director and designer at JML Property, stresses that there’s a whole correction occurring in the market, and one that is

Interview | Eytan Stibbe, founding partner of Vital Capital Fund : ‘We want to help small and medium enterprises to reach Africa’s fullest potential’

Macau Daily Times – What led Vital Capital to set up an investment fund in Macau? Eytan Stibbe (ES) – We intend to establish a fund here to work as a

Interview with Nikhil Seth: ‘Much more needs to be done in the area of sustainable transport’

Transforming into a clean energy city doesn’t just mean having a symbolic presence of electric buses on the roads. The director of the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development, Mr

Interview with Algieri and Arum | ‘I am right where I am supposed to be’

Chris Algieri established his training camp at the Venetian Las Vegas before departing for Macau. Here are excerpts of a conference call held on Tuesday, where Algieri was joined by

HONG KONG | MDT INTERVIEW: Ronny Tong – the way ahead for HK politics

In an interview with Macau Daily Times, prominent Civic party member Ronny Tong says that final settlement on the Chief Executive election model should be put aside until agreement is

Interview | Ian Hutchinson Macau, ‘a different atmosphere that you get nowhere else’

It took a total of three years and thirty operations for Ian Hutchinson to recover from a serious leg fracture and re-injury caused by a  crash and hit. Last year,

Interview | Stuart Easton ‘You have to be inch-perfect’

After a four-year absence from the Macau Grand Prix, Scottish motorcycle racer Stuart Easton is back at the Guia Circuit with the latest champion, Ian Hutchinson on his team. Besides

Max Verstappen Interview | Macau is the last challenge before F1

- You had no need to compete in Macau from a career point of view. Is this the perfect way to end your rookie season in car racing before graduating

Interview with André Couto | Guia is ‘one of the world’s best circuits’

Macau Daily Times (MDT) – You’ve just completed the Audi R8 LMS Cup, with the Shanghai circuit. What do you think of your participation so far? André Couto (AC) – I’ve

Q&A | Claude-Éric Poiroux: European cinema in town tomorrow

Macau Daily Times (MDT) – Could you explain to us the concept behind the Festival Premiers Plans d’Angers? Claude-Eric Poiroux (CEP) – It is a cinema festival that each year premiers

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