Imperial Palace Hotel fined MOP4.43 million

The Court of First Instance has ruled that the Beijing Imperial Palace Hotel – formerly known as New Century Hotel – will be fined MOP4.43 million and will have

Crime | Las Vegas gunman was germophobe, possibly bipolar

After three months of investigation, police have learned more about Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock: He was a high- stakes gambler on a losing streak, obsessed with

Neto Valente says new judicial law is discriminatory

The President of the Macau Lawyers Association (AAM), Jorge Neto Valente, has criticized some of the government’s proposed inclusions in the new Judicial Organization Framework Law. The proposed

Briefs | Escalator crash at Studio City injures 7

An escalator crash at Studio City Hotel and Resort yesterday injured seven people, six of which were treated at the public hospital. All the injured were tourists from

Advertorial | SMEs thank MGM for Hato disaster relief

Many SMEs have expressed their gratitude to MGM for their tremendous contributions to small businesses that sustained varying degrees of damage during typhoon Hato.

Leong predicts steady gaming revenue in 2018

The Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lionel Leong, has predicted that gaming revenue is likely to increase at a steady pace this year, similar to

Four bids accepted for second Macau Master Plan draft

Last Friday the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) opened the second phase of bidding in which companies tendered their proposed contracts regarding the draft of

Ask the Vet | Dog food supplements to ensure healthy dogs

Adding a dog food supplement to your dog’s diet can help ensure that he gets the vitamins and minerals that he needs. But don’t just give your dog a

The Buzz | PJ expresses sorrow over the death of former director

The Judiciary Police (PJ) in a statement expressed its sadness and sorrow for the death of its former director António Francisco Marques Baptista, who passed away in Lisbon on

Anima victim to third cyber attack in two months

Local animals rights group Anima (Macau) said it was this week victim to the third cyber attack in two months, suspecting that the Macau (Yat

English in Macau | Transportation signage in need of improvement, says public

Throughout the world, the English language is considered one of the most valuable spoken languages when it comes to multicultural areas, as well as

Delta Bridge to open on 24-hour basis

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HKZMB), also informally known as the Delta Bridge, should in principle be open on a 24-hour basis, a Hong Kong

Briefs | Red Market to undergo refurbishment in Sep

The refurbishment of Red Market will be carried out in September, José Tavares, President of the Civic and Municipal Affairs bureau (IACM), announced yesterday. The refurbishment process will

Consultation on Lai Chi Vun shipyards starts Monday

The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) will conclude a report on the evaluation of the Lai Chi Vun shipyards within 12 months. This was the announcement of

EU urged to publish agreements with suspected tax havens

The European Union’s top tax official is urging member states to make public any commitments given by non-EU countries wanting to get off the bloc’s blacklist of

Crime | PJ denies weapon used in casino heist

The Macau Judiciary Police (PJ) has denied media reports claiming that there was any weapon or violence involved during the heist early Tuesday morning in a casino

‘You must give back to the world’ | Gastronomy City title not just a platform, counsels UNESCO

The International Gastronomy Forum, Macao 2018 kicked off yesterday morning at the Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center. The annual event was attended by many specialists from the

Macau one of 35 ‘smart city’ agreements last year

Robot driven taxis and computers eliminating traffic jams may appear sooner than you think after some of the biggest technology companies picked up the pace of dealmaking

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