Policy Address | Economy and Finance: Gov’t to request more info on foreign workers before employment

The government will be suggesting further amendments to the law governing the employment of foreign workers. Wong Chi Hong, the director of the Labor Affairs Bureau (DSAL), told lawmakers yesterday

Cash handouts’ value might be ‘adjusted’ in 2016

Lionel Leong acknowledged that the value of cash handouts might be “adjusted” in 2016, depending on Macau’s economic outlook and the government’s budget. He told lawmakers that, “cash handouts depend

Traditional Chinese medicine seen as ‘key’ area

Lionel Leong highlighted yesterday the role that traditional Chinese medicine could play in Macau’s development and economic diversification. Mr Leong stressed that the government is committed to accelerating the establishment

Policy Address | Economy and Finance: Lawmakers request gov’t to control foreign labor quotas

Foreign labor policies have been once again debated at the Legislative Assembly (AL) plenary meeting. This is following requests from some lawmakers to implement  a temporary ban on imported labor

Policy Address | Economy and Finance: Interim review of gaming concessionaires this year

The Secretary for Economy and Finance, Lionel Leong, has confirmed that the gaming industry needs a “check-up” in order to allow for the assessment of casino operators’ performance over the

MICE sector set as priority for economic diversification

Lionel Leong unveiled his cabinet’s plans to diversify the local economy, emphasizing the need to boost the convention and exhibition sector first. This is in order to hopefully prevent MSAR’s

Broadway Macau partners with local SMEs

  Broadway Macau’s newest project under the Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG), of which the grand opening is expected to be held on May 27, will feature a variety of outlets for

Zhongshan transforms itself, invests in regional cooperation

  With a pioneer scheme for yachts to travel freely between Macau and Zhongshan becoming a reality this July, the topic of improving cooperation between the two cities is heating up.

Sands Retail announces partnership with Planet J

The park will extend over 90,000 square feet, and will be the first permanent LARP theme park in Macau. “Set against the fantastical backdrop of the Magic Stone Kingdom, players

Gaming | Melco’s 2014 profit decreases

Melco International Development Limited has announced that its total profit in 2014 reached HKD1.49 billion, compared to the HKD1.60 billion profit recorded in the previous year. This represents a 6.8-percent

Family business | Dairy Farm buys San Miu supermarkets for MOP1.3 billion

The sale was announced last week by the parent company Dairy Farm International Holdings in a disclosure to the Singapore stock exchange, without details of the money involved in the

Gov’t predicts falling casino tax revenue

Gro Harlem Brundtland | MIECF ‘Local, regional, national, and global, it’s all linked together’

The 8th Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (MIECF), focused on solutions for clean air, concluded last Saturday.. The fair’s keynote speaker, Ms Gro Harlem Brundtland, the “mother of sustainable

CCAC | Marine and Water Bureau high-ranking officials involved in graft case

The statement was only released to the public after local media enquired with the bureau. It has triggered public skepticism of the watchdog’s transparency when dealing with cases involving top-level

Policy Address | Sonia Chan pledges to create ‘healthy election culture’

The Secretary for Administration and Justice, Sonia Chan, has pledged to promote a healthy election environment, as lawmaker Ng Kuok Cheong urged the government to address the population’s call for

Health | Preliminary report finds doctor ‘negligent’ over baby’s death

According to the report, the baby’s death was not related to medication administered after he sought medical treatment. The baby died on February 19 after being allegedly prescribed with the antiemetic

Briefs | Unemployment rate steady

The unemployment rate remained stable at 1.7 percent between December and February over the period of November 2014 to January 2015. According to data released by the Statistics and Census

Bitcoin has potential for the gaming industry, expert says

The founder of a Chinese transaction company defended the “bitcoin” in Macau, suggesting the virtual currency has potential for use in the territory and its gaming industry. “Macau is an international

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