Hundreds rally against CE-appointed lawmakers

Hundreds of protestors took to the streets on Saturday, urging the Chief Executive to repeal appointed lawmaker Fong Chi Keong from the Legislative Assembly (AL).  His statements on domestic violence

CE plays down VIP room closures

Chief Executive Chui Sai On said that it is “normal” to see adjustments in the number of VIP rooms in Macau following a slump in gaming revenue in recent months.

Group marches to hurry animal protection legislation

The protestors gathered at Tap Seac Square at around 3.30 p.m. before marching to the Legislative Assembly (AL). The AAPAM president, Yoko Choi, admitted to the crowd that the number of

BRIEFS: Visitor arrivals decrease by 1.8 pct

The Transport Bureau (DSAT) plans to launch bus-only lanes during peak hours along the Inner Harbor route connecting the A Ma Temple and the Border Gate. Starting from August, the

Company announces interim dividend of 99 cents per share | Sheldon Adelson takes over as CEO of Sands China

Robert Goldstein, chief operating officer of parent company Las Vegas Sands Corp., will be appointed interim president of Sands China and his position re-designated as executive director of the company.

Sands China and Macao Chamber of Commerce hold briefing with SMEs

Sands China and the Macao Chamber of Commerce held a briefing on Friday with the aim of enhancing dialogue with local Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Some 100 local SME representatives attended

Galaxy pledges diversification efforts as it opens new hotels in May

Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) said that it is committed to diversifying its offerings with the news that it will be opening three new hotels, while expanding Galaxy Macau into its

Alexis Tam pledges more investment in education sector

He acknowledged that more financial resources should be allocated in order to help develop Macau’s education sector, mainly primary and secondary schools. “We need more resources, namely financial resources, to help

Contractor ‘regrets’ winning LRT bid

A contractor involved in the local Light Rapid Transit (LRT) construction claims that they regret bidding for the contract, and has suggested that the delay in LRT construction is due

Todi Kong de Sousa | ‘Metamorphosis:’ sculpting the changes of the human being

She opened her first exhibition, “Metamorphosis,” last week at Casa Garden, comprising thirteen sculptures of female figures intended to represent the different changes a human being goes through as time

ASK THE VET | Sugar Gliders as Pets

Sugar gliders have gray fur and a cream colored chest and stomach with a black stripe running the full length of the spine. They have large, hairless ears that move

Breaking News: Founder Adelson is taking over Sands China CEO position

Las Vegas Sands founder Sheldon Adelson is taking over the Sands China CEO position, the company announced today (Friday). According to Bloomberg, Adelson will be appointed on March 6, with Las

Scholar questions Hengqin effects on local economy

During a symposium organized by the University of Macau (UM) yesterday, Prof Chen Guanhan from Sun Yat-sen University said that some Macau enterprises will barely survive in Hengqin because of

Border Gate’s new operating hours help ease passenger traffic, DSAT says

DSAT said that the number of passengers increased significantly between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. which helped reduce the number of passengers using the Border Gate bus stop between 7

Local SMEs valued for their casino resort knowledge

  A small Macau company competing against a similar firm in Singapore or Hong Kong with more than 100 employees can face challenges of David vs. Goliath-like proportions. And in the

Vietnam casino benefited by Macau VIP market downturn

In terms of customer demographics, Wieners said that the majority of the resort’s customers are from mainland China and Korea. “They also see a major opportunity with the current downturn

Administrative revamp to be concluded within the year

The Sport Development Board (ID) president José Tavares revealed that the restructuring of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) in relation to its management of sport facilities has entered

Health | Teenagers ’ lack of fitness calls for a change in policies

“Compared to other provinces and cities in the country, our adolescents’ overall physical condition is at quite a low level. We noticed that our adolescents’ physical fitness has deteriorated. But

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