MGM kicks off ninth edition of its Oktoberfest

Munich’s Högl Fun Band performing

MGM Macau kicked off the ninth edition of its Oktoberfest Macau yesterday, bringing an 11-day event of Bavarian traditions to the public.

From now until October 22, locals and tourists can experience Löwenbräu beer, authentic German delicacies and live music by Munich’s Högl Fun Band.

On October 21, Oktoberfest Macau will provide a Bavarian brunch that is suitable for families, serving non-alcoholic beers and a range of other beverages.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Pansy Ho, co-chairperson & executive director of MGM China said, “We are incredibly proud and delighted to be the pioneer in bringing this authentic Oktoberfest to Macau,” and recalled that the event had always been packed with residents.

Meanwhile, Grant Bowie, CEO & executive director of MGM China, said that MGM Cotai will present Oktoberfest Macau next year to make the event larger. 

Bowie noted that the lower number of visitor arrivals during Golden Week may be due to Chinese travelers wanting to travel further away.

“It was a super holiday. I think many visitors from China had so many days [off] so they went farther afield; so they went to long haul destinations,” the executive said.

Grant Bowie speaks with reporters

Bowie also confirmed that there is a significant number of junket operators who are interested in having a space at MGM Cotai’s VIP gaming rooms.

When questioned how many junkets the property was expecting, the executive said, “nearly all of the significant operators that we know.”

Regarding MGM Cotai’s opening on January 29, later than expected, Bowie stressed that although he would have preferred to open in the fourth quarter of this year, the impact of Typhoon Hato resulted in the need for further approvals, delays, and costs for the operator.

“We have to live with what the situation is. We will always work diligently and we’re lucky to have a strong local team,” Bowie stated.

As Cotai is a new market for the gaming operator, Bowie stressed that they are disposed for the premium market but also added that the property aimed to diversify and provide an array of entrainment to attract a greater number of leisure tourists and visitors.

“The product we created is perfectly positioned to achieve our goals and objectives,” he said.

Commenting on the recent Las Vegas mass shooting, which involved the Mandalay Bay Hotel owned by MGM Resorts International, the CEO noted that it would continue to ensure that MGM’s two local properties would provide a secure environment.

“What happened in Las Vegas is a tragic event. Our thoughts continue to go out to the team members and the public. I think any organization around the world learns lessons from those sorts of tragedies and we’ve certainly done that.”

“And we continue to ensure that we provide a safe and secure environment or our team members, staff and our customers,” Bowie concluded.

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