Motorsport | New Formula 3 team to make debut in Macau GP

new Formula 3 team by the name of BullFrog aims to debut in the Macau Grand Prix later this year.

The project is led by a London-based Frenchman who goes only by the name of ‘JC’ (or Jean-Charles).

In an in-depth interview, JC declared to Autosport, “Our plan is to be in Macau with two cars.”

He adds, “We may have to try to qualify drivers for Macau, but we also have drivers that have been contacted by us who could drive in Macau already.”

He explained the reason behind the name BullFrog, remarking, “It’s because I’m French and I’m a Taurus.”

JC also revealed, “We want to try to market F3 from a commercial and business aspect, as well as sporting.”

JC said he intends to buy a Formula 3 team as well as a Formula 2 team, rather than starting from scratch. “What we are trying to do is build an academy for drivers – we want to give a chance to young and talented drivers to take them as far as we can.”

“It is for the best drivers, the ones who don’t have money to go through the usual process.”

There is currently no agreement in place to take over any existing teams.

The launch of the team was held at Spa with the help of T-Sport, who have had a reputable track record in F3 for 15 years.

BullFrog has already stated its intention to use the NBE engine that the British team used in the F3 European Championship.

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