Our Desk | A little bit of this and that

There is always a lack of something here. The region is a victim of scarcity; whether it’s in activities over the weekend, entertainment, public parking, lack of regulation

Rear Window | Festival of ideas

Trying to copy, rather borrow or emulate, from scenario-building methods in order to get a light reading on the immediate future in the Macau Special Administrative Region, we

Bizcuits | Loving and Leaving Macau: Forewarned is forearmed

There are little signs in everyday life, which tell us that we have become used to living in Macau. One day you find that driving around round-a-bouts is

Made in Macao | Drunken Heritage

A brief survey of tourists in Macao showed that the attraction of our little town is not merely derived from casinos. In fact, the majority of tourists surveyed

Our Desk | The Macau discrimination chain

The non-Portuguese look down on the Portuguese, the Portuguese look down on the Macau residents, the Macau residents look down on the Mainland Chinese, and the Mainland Free

World Views | Weirdly, Trump’s Right on Privacy

On one issue, at least, President Donald Trump has united the country: More than 70 percent of the public - across political parties - oppose a bill he signed

Girl About Globe | Rucksack Attack

It’s daylight, on a tram in the busiest part of Hong Kong. The risk of assault is high. Eh? We all know the usual

Macau Matters | The Magic of Wireless Power Transfer

Electricity and electrical power is a crucial technology underpinning nearly all aspects of modern life. The whole planet is strung with copper wires to move electricity around so

Our Desk | The election madness begins

With the approaching Legislative Assembly (AL) election in September, we are once again being reminded of the civic powerlessness of the public and the shameless ineptitude of the

World Views | How Trump can make his Syria strikes really count

In the span of just a few days, U.S. President Donald Trump appears to have met both his first true foreign policy crisis and his most challenging bilateral summit

Kapok | Everything’s patriotic now!

Patriotism is double-edged: nurture the bond that it entails and it becomes a virtue; make it a blind imperative and venture into dangerous territories in which hierarchies are

Legal Wise by MdME | Land Law: the mystery of the missing tapes

Since my article, “The Failed Land Law”, in MDT of July last year, much has changed, but nothing in the right direction. There is certainly more awareness and a

Made in Macao | Personal Shoppers Without Borders

We often hear comments that there is not much opportunity for career diversity in Macao. While anyone can find a job in this city where the number of unfilled

World Views | Your brain wasn’t built to handle reality

Most Republicans - to be precise, 74 percent, according to a CBS News poll - think it’s very or somewhat likely Donald Trump’s offices were wiretapped, even though

Rear Window | Lucky Number Seven

We are aware that once we are about to enter the popular narrative realm of a fairy tale, the tone is set to “once upon a time.” Similarly, we

Bizcuits | Leadership down

The pivotal role of leadership is in question. Have you been in leadership courses at university, learnt about it in management studies at