Made in Macao | Multicultural eating and family dinner

There is a Chinese saying 「民以食為天」roughly translated as “Food is the first necessity of the people”, that says Macao must be a heaven to many. In almost

Legal Wise by MdME | Automatic exchange of information in the age of global tax transparency

The growing concerns across multiple jurisdictions with the promotion of tax transparency and fighting cross-border tax evasion have led to a global commitment towards implementing international tax

Macau Matters | Theatre Art Life

By now, it is clear that the future of Macau rests on it developing much more extensive and “family friendly” entertainment and relaxation opportunities for tourists and locals

Our Desk | The problem with year-on-year growth

At the start of every month, the Gaming and Inspection Bureau (DICJ) releases the gross gaming revenue (GGR) results for the previous month and expresses the growth in

Rear Window | One Belt, One Road fascination

The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road - together The Initiative - attracted to Beijing nearly 70 countries and international organizations unable to

Bizcuits | G2E Asia USA

G2E Asia has been on in Macau this week. The expo expanded into Asia in 2007 from its Las Vegas foundation at a time when there was clearly

Girl About Globe | Making up is hard to do

I’m going to make eyes at you. Better ones than ever before – because of a pencil pilfered from a Macau hotel room. There it was, positioned

World Views | The British Labour Party’s zombie manifesto

If this were, say, 1974, nobody would have batted an eye at the British Labour Party’s election manifesto. But in 2017, a program of renationalization, tax hikes, wage

Our Desk | Holiday handout

Each year, the rich Macau government distributes money to its local residents: MOP4,500 to non-permanent residents and MOP9,000 to permanent residents. Within the area of Macau’s territory, there

Views on China | Hands off Hong Kong stocks, China market meddlers

Will market meddlers never learn? China’s government has made preparations to support the Hong Kong stock market, if needed, to create a positive atmosphere before July 1, when

Kapok | The warning behind the praise

In the morning of May 9, while addressing a large audience supposedly representative of the Macao population, Chairman of the National People’s Congress Zhang Dejiang insisted on a

Made in Macao | Ghost Tour of Macao

Being a city that never sleeps, it is normal for visitors to expect a variety of nightlife in Macao. We do, of course, already have a large number

Legal Wise by MdME | Real Estate Market: Playing it cool

In 2008 Q4, the average purchase price of residential units was MOP$1,678.00 per square feet of usable area. Just within a period of two and a half

Macau Matters | Improving personal mobility

When I last visited Paris several years ago, the racks of bicycles available for rental scattered around the city were quite noticeable, as were the significant numbers of

Our Desk | How to train our talents?!

Some years ago a new word sprouted in the local vocabulary. Although it was not a new one its (repetitive) use by high ranked officials, especially  those

Rear Window | Unintended consequences

To the dismay of many a “mind your own business and nothing bad will happen to you” type of responsible citizen, political confrontation in the sister SAR of Hong