Kapok | Everything must change…

In The Leopard, the beautiful novel by Lampedusa set in slow-changing Sicily, Trancredi’s famous assertion that “everything must change for everything to remain the same” holds a particular

Girl About Globe | Is ping pong the new prosecco?

From balls in the face to swingers, it’s all happening over a drink. The latest thing in the drinks industry is ‘activity pubs’. Attendance at the

Views on China | Actually, a strongman won’t make China stronger

Who will rise and fall at this week’s Communist Party congress in Beijing remains shrouded in the usual thick mist of Chinese politics. But the outcome of the

Our Desk | Capital Airlines, Macau-Beijing-Lisbon

Recently, Capital Airlines launched a flight route connecting Lisbon to Beijing, and, in July, the route was extended from Beijing to Macau. During September and October,

Views on China | Banking in Hong Kong? Pretty soon, you might be anywhere

Hong Kong is needlessly inviting trouble - and dirty money. That would be the most obvious interpretation of the recent tweaks in the financial center’s anti-money-laundering guidelines.

Bizcuits | The Macau confession

Life was happier, focused, simpler (some may say one of ignorance and naivety) before I started to read the news in my mid-thirties. After yesterday’s headline, I am

Made in Macao | Chopping down the forever regenerating tree

Following the Mid-Autumn Festival last week, a few friends and acquaintances have asked me about the story of the man on the moon. While the more popular legend

Macau Matters | Emergency Button App

Over Summer I spent two months living in the family home with my father in Australia. While there he explained the red emergency button on his old-fashioned traditional

Our Desk | A Golden ‘Weak’

National Day and the subsequent “Golden Week” that follows – one of the semi-annual 7-day national holidays, implemented in 2000 by China’s Central Government - is always one

Rear Window | Blind Runner

Sometimes it seems as if Macau will not allow itself a break, or an interval of nothing happening. It is as if the MSAR cannot stand smooth sailing

Girl About Globe | Perils of the Orient for the Trumps

The Trumps are coming to Asia next month. What a significant trip this could turn out to be. Let’s look at the issues raised by their itinerary,

Tech Views | Amazon leaped ahead by losing the smartphone war

In case it wasn’t obvious before last week, Amazon.com Inc. has leapfrogged the smartphone to go after the next era of computing. The company never could have done this

Kapok | Everything’s relative

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is to drastically lower my expectations. Mind you, I don’t mean to be ironic or even nasty: after all one of

Insight | Post-election card from a concerned resident

Dear Mr. Chairman, I would like to commend you for the massive work undertaken by the commission that you wisely head, in order to ensure the fairness

Legal Wise by MdME | Consumer protection in converging environments

The advantages brought by one of the most significant breakthroughs in human history – the internet – expands to more than just a channel for information and

Macau Matters | The importance of lifecycle costing

My last article talked about problems in the construction industry, globally and in Macau, and identified some ways for governments to improve the situation. Now I want to

Our Desk | Bureaucracy and the ‘rule of three’

Bureaucracy is equally as astonishing and stifling in Macau, as it seems to be everywhere else in the world. Or at least that’s what I thought until

Rear Window | Undermining itself

While the ripples of Hato disaster still dominate MSAR life… perhaps it is a convenient, if not an auspicious, occasion to address what prevents Macau from being the

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