Made in Macao | O Christmas Gift

While the Christmas season is always a good time with long holidays and festive celebration everywhere, it also makes one appreciate the culture of giving red packets

Macau Matters | University Residential Colleges

Living in a residential college can be a very important experience of university study. While I have never lived in a residential college myself, from many discussions with

Our Desk | Shame on the absence of rights protection

It is still quite absurd that the region does not have laws that protect the rights of its domestic workers. Last week, approximately 25 Filipino and Indonesian domestic

Bizcuits | Rolling, rolling, steamrolling

The power of political control has won over sensitivities as Japan takes its first steps towards legalising gaming. The Japanese Diet, in an “extended, embittered session” to the early

Rear Window | Dead calm

Macau is drifting again on a completely still, dead calm sea of an apparent no pasa nada general mood… apparent indeed. That is to say things are steadily

Views on China | Hong Kong’s double whammy means more pain’s on the way

Hong Kong investors have nowhere to run. Their currency is pegged to the dollar and with Janet Yellen talking about accelerating the pace of interest rate increases,

Kapok | Frustrating exhilaration

Against all odds, the democratic fervour that has engulfed Hong Kong in the past two years appears far from being abated—quite the contrary. The clear cut victory

Girl About Globe | Big Bang Fury

I AM TYPING THIS OVER CONSTRUCTION NOISE. Oh, they’ve taken a break, I can stop shouting. People talk about a New York minute. Fewer refer to a Hong Kong

Legal Wise by MdME | The key to attract investment? Good corporate governance practices

There was never a time when transparency and good corporate governance practices were more spoken of in Macau; the outcome of the recent launch of the

Macau Matters | Legalizing Mary Jane

I remember going to university parties in the early 1980’s in Australia where many friends illegally smoked pot (Mary Jane) and drank coca-cola but little alcohol. Then,

Our Desk | Only good before 18

For the sixth time, Macau participated in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), whereby the effectiveness of basic education for all

World Views | Asia’s gambling binge looks fun, may end in tears

Amid much protest, Japan’s lawmakers are considering a bill this week that would open their doors to opulent gambling houses. Analysts have dubbed it “manna from heaven” and

Made in Macao | Give love on Winter Solstice

Two weeks from now is the festival of Winter Solstice, Dongzhi, one of the most important festivals celebrated by the Chinese. We have a saying that “Dongzhi is

Macau Matters | Coin Concerns

Everybody in the developed world is very familiar with the problems posed by coins. When you buy stuff with cash you pay mostly with notes and get change mostly

Our Desk | History, lest it be forgotten

With the 50th anniversary this month of the turmoil of the 1-2-3 Incident in Macau, and subsequently the call for the event to be introduced to children’s textbooks,

Rear Window | Trouble in mind

In these trumped up times of simple-minded populism, we would rather like to begin with a quote borrowed from the Hong Kong Free Press, selected blindly from the matrix