Views on China | Hong Kong stocks are riding a runaway liquidity train

When investors place large orders on China Mobile Ltd. on a sleepy Friday afternoon in high summer, it’s a good sign that Hong Kong’s bull train is hard

Views on China | China’s overextended consumers adding even more debt

Macau has long been regarded as a barometer of China’s economic activities. This makes sense as long as much of China’s economy continues to be driven by construction

Kapok | The variable geometry of the ‘one country’

The fact that Macao immigration has been barring some Hong Kong residents from entering the territory of the Macao SAR is widely acknowledged and documented. It is neither

Made in Macao | The importance of living close to work

How many people in Macao woke up this morning and wondered how they were ever going to get to work? These are gloomy days with constant unexpected showers,

Legal Wise by MdME | Promising unicorns land

Unicorns, known as mythical magical creatures that belong in fantasy lands, are nowadays the jargon used worldwide to refer to successful, privately-held startup ventures valued at over one billion

Macau Matters | Flawed Career Expectations

For the first time since 2009, I have recently started teaching Project Management courses for university undergraduates. (By the way, I strongly believe that understanding teams and projects

World Views | Uber’s Napoleon moment might not be its last retreat

He probably wouldn’t agree, but it’s fortunate in one way for Travis Kalanick that he’s no longer in charge of Uber Technologies Inc. At least he won’t have

Bizcuits | When Going Native Goes Feral

I recently embarked on one of those days that I customarily procrastinate over when the errands pile up and it is time to bite the bullet, pound the

Girl About Globe | Floorplan #taupefail

I was trying to get to Nepal but ended up in leggings. Or rather, I was trying to get to ‘Nepal’ and ended up in ‘leggings’. These were

World Views | What should we do about Uber? Britain has a few ideas

It’s easy to poke fun at Britain’s government dysfunction. But there’s at least one policy area where it’s having a sophisticated debate with global implications: how to regulate

Views on China | Korean beauty may be fleeting as China embraces color

South Korea’s cosmetic brands may find that beauty isn’t skin deep after all. Amorepacific Corp. and LG Household & Health Care Ltd. shares have had a tough year.

Kapok | The more the merrier, really?

The very fact that 25 lists of candidates vying for the directly elected seats in the September 17 Legislative Assembly election have been recognized valid by the Electoral

Legal Wise by MdME | Change for the better

When I first arrived in Macau, roughly 10 years ago, one of the best things about practicing law here was a website that ensured a simple, reliable

Macau Matters | Cadmium Rice

The June 10 issue of The Economist contains a terrifying article about pollution in China. It makes the point that air, water and land pollution across China,

Our Desk | Who goes to the Wushu Masters Challenge?

The second edition of the Wushu Masters Challenge will take place from August 10 to 13. The four-day challenge will include a wide range of activities, such as lion

Rear Window | Vexing Issues

1 - Here we go again with the four-yearly procedure to select, by universal suffrage, a 14-seat section of the 33-strong floor of the Legislative Assembly at the

Girl About Globe | ‘El man-spreading’ and ‘ein gin and tonic’

I’m off on holiday to Europe soon, and fearing what I am going to find. Reports suggest everything has changed. The Spanish are feminist and the Russians are

Asia Views | High returns don’t run in the family for Asia’s empires

Three of Asia’s wealthiest tycoons are stepping down from the empires they built, and investors shouldn’t assume their scions will carry the torch as effectively. Gaming magnate Stanley