Bizcuits | Dragons Abreast

Ideas have their own time, I’ve been told. In late 2013, I was stopped by a gentleman while overseas who notices my Macau-emblazoned sports slicker. He

Girl About Globe | Toilet Paper Tiger

Trump is round the bend, and it’s nothing to do with his odd behavior. Let’s imagine a perfectly feasible conversation in the White House. Sean Spicer: ‘Mr

Legal Wise by MdME | Employment contracts: how deep is the bond?

The establishment of an employment relationship is the end result of the (usually) stressful job hunting and candidate search process. Once the conditions are established, with

World Views | Confucius blocks change in Korea

Back in 2006, after Chung Mong-koo, chairman of Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd. and son of its founder, was arrested amid one of South Korea’s recurring corruption scandals, I

Our desk | On how social media manipulates public opinion

A civic group recently held a forum to discuss solutions to the lack of awareness of global events on the part of local residents. The “unmindful” groups

Views on Asia | Korea reunification bet should bin the German blueprint

It’s time to put the Korea reunification trade back on the table, but only after ditching the German blueprint. With China suspending coal imports from North Korea,

Kapok | Smoking gun

Is it me or are we being treated worse than headless chickens with tar-filled lungs? An opinion survey on to smoke or not to smoke in casinos conducted

Made in Macao | Celebration of Languages

A friend reminded me on Tuesday that February 21 was International Mother Language Day, which began in 1999 as a day to celebrate the use of each individual’s

Macau Matters | Teaching Kids Coding

I recently read with interest that from the beginning of 2017 eight year olds in Victoria Australia will be taught coding. Every senior primary student in Victoria will

Our Desk | One pataca per plastic bag

Environmental protection is a never ending topic among people’s conversations when they discuss the development of Macau. This notwithstanding, recycling has also been a headache for the heavily

Views on China | Coming to America no done deal for China’s film wannabes

Chinese companies looking to escape slower economic growth at home have turned, quite naturally, to football and Hollywood. They should prepare for some unhappy endings. Recon Group, the

Bizcuits | That ludicrous strawberry

Ever since the widely publicised plastic flotsam in the Macau/Hong Kong ferry propeller incident last June which circuitously ushered me to the Plastic-Free July Challenge, I have continued

Girl About Globe | ‘Brexit Brow’ and Peak eyelash

Pluck off? No, say British women, holding on tight to their eyebrows. Things are really happening in the field of facial hair. The ‘Brexit brow’ is a

Legal Wise by MdME | LRT: Rolling in the right direction

To criticize the Transportation and Infrastructure Office (GIT), the public entity charged with managing the construction and operation of the Macau Light Rail Transit, has become

Macau Matters | Fixing Macau’s Broken Taxi System

There is ample evidence that the government managed and regulated system of taxi services in Macau is totally broken. A cursory analysis leads me to believe that a

Our Desk | The Macau Constraint

The idea that censorship – particularly state-sponsored censorship – inhibits creative expression and innovation is not a new one. It’s one I have always taken to be true