Our Desk | We should have a ‘Sao Joao’ festival per weekend

Last weekend Macau celebrated one of its many traditions. The “São João” (Saint John’s) Festival is more than simply a step back into the century-old Portuguese traditions. It

Views on China | China’s takeover tycoons risk hitting a cash wall

To understand China’s crackdown on the financing of acquisitive giants HNA Group Co., Fosun International Ltd., Dalian Wanda Group Co. and Anbang Insurance Group Co., take a look

Kapok | Half-full, I say!

Most things in life are about perspective. Even a supposedly clear-cut situation can be seen with very different eyes. Back in 2008, then American senator Barack Obama remarked in

Made in Macao | Coffee, tea or both?

Tea drinking has long been considered an important part of Chinese culture, while coffee drinking is seen by some as a part of foreigners’ culture. It is not

Legal Wise by MdME | The curious case of entry ban to Macau

“Welcome to Macau”. Everyone, including residents, non-residents and tourists, is greeted by this sign upon arrival at the Macau airport or the maritime terminals. However, in practice,

Macau Matters | Improving financial literacy

Generally, I am appalled at the low levels of financial literacy of many people. Moreover, levels of financial literacy do not seem to vary too much with education

Our Desk | This time last year

One year ago, gross gaming revenue (GGR) reached its absolute bottom, ending a two- year sustained contraction in the city’s dominant industry. After the MOP15.88 billion recorded in

Rear Window | Conflicts of interest

Once again, veteran lawmaker Pereira Coutinho is running for a directly elected seat in the Legislative Assembly (AL), heading the New Hope list, better known by the Portuguese

Bizcuits | CSR downstream: Business Case for #PlasticFreeJuly

Major transformations in the way businesses interact with their communities and the acceptance of responsibilities to all stakeholders have been spearheaded by major disruptions, critical incidents and tipping

Girl About Globe | Parasol rage

An exchange between two parasol-holding ladies, parading in different directions on a Beijing pavement. ‘Yours up?’ ‘Up YOURS!’ Ah, yes, the recent harsh sun in Hong Kong has brought back some mainland

Macau Matters | My new left hip – part II

A week ago I talked about some of the technical issues relating to joint replacement surgery. Here I would like to talk about hospital issues. However, there

Our Desk | Forgotten buses

Bus line 25 has recently become a hot topic because it was decided that the line would no longer serve the Hac Sa Beach area. Some people

Insight | Misinformed citizens are a peril to democracy

The term “fake news” has been a trending expression since the new US president was elected. Former Agence France-Presse editor-in-chief Eric Wishart, who now works on

Kapok | The art of euphemism

Macao has a bit more to offer than an unlucky hand at a Baccarat table on the Cotai Strip. By unlucky, I mean that although about 2/3rds of Macao’s

Made in Macao | Lotus Flower: luck, purity or a flash in the pan

The last public holiday, Dragon Boat Festival on  May 30, seemed to have brought about some significant postholiday blues among us working class. Not that it was

Legal Wise by MdME | The Medical Error Act calls for dialogue between medical and legal professionals

The Medical Error Act (Law No. 5/2016) came into force in February this year. The law was long awaited as the initial discussions were held 12 years

Macau Matters | My new left hip – part I

It seems that, in combination with other issues, I played too much sport when I was younger and then got fat and lazy, so now I have arthritic

Our Desk | The long-awaited BIG ferry terminal

After 12 long years in the making, the recently inaugurated Taipa Maritime Terminal started to operate on the first day of this month. Taking the risk of