Legal Wise by MdME | Integrated Resorts versus Finance Bureau

A grant of use (also known as “GOU”) is an agreement required to rightfully operate a retail business and is commonly used by owners (landlords) in Macau

Macau Matters | Driverless Macau

To me it is clear that we are in a major transition in road transport. In the not too distant future, when people want to go somewhere they

Views on Asia | India stock fears shadowed by Macau’s war on dirty cash

Amid the panic and confusion caused by India’s ban on 86 percent of cash in circulation, there’s hope that the pain in the stock market won’t last beyond

World Views | Go West. China’s property rush to London has long legs

London has a property problem. Brexit is looming, potentially wiping out thousands of finance jobs, real-estate investment trusts are slumping, office values are dropping, and the city

Kapok | Between Scylla and Charybdis

It is again that time of the year when the executive power in Macao is trying very hard to look accountable to the people: the Chief Executive (CE) solemnly

Made in Macao | Don’t neglect the Cha when going Yum Cha

Talking about cultural experience in Macao, one of the most beloved experiences among both locals and expatriates is “yum cha” 飲茶, literally translated as “Drink” and “Tea”. It

Views on China | In Trump versus China, everyone can win

For now, China’s leaders seem to be discounting U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s threats to punish them for allegedly unfair trade practices. The fact is that if they were to

Our Desk | Head over heels for Romeo conmen

Who would have thought that telecommunication technology would bring our generation to unexpected possibilities, particularly in the area of online dating? Dating interactions have gone from sending love letters

Letter to the Editor | Hong Kong: ‘Joshua Wong’s visit to the US will do more harm than good’

Dear Editor, Last week, the 20-year-old activist Joshua Wong visited Washington as part of an event held by the US congressional panel co-chaired by Senator Marco Rubio.

Rear Window | Negative perfection

The charges brought up against the former Prosecutor General Ho Chio Meng seem to substantially and formally have the potential, if not to dwarf, at least to equal in

Bizcuits | An expatriate’s nostalgia

It was November 1995. We were relaxing after dinner, probably watching television, when the door-bell rang. In waltzed a close friend, beaming. He’d just left his wife safely

Girl About Globe | Finally, a bulletin without balls?

Men care less about their balls - because of Donald Trump.  Damsels, we have a chance for realignment of popular culture. Grab hard! Football TV

Legal Wise by MdME | Implications of the Singapore court ruling on foreign investors in Macau

In a recent judgment, the Singapore Court of Appeal concluded that the China-Laos Bilateral Investment Treaty extends to Macau, meaning that the bilateral investment treaties to which

World Views | How to keep Steve Bannon out of the White House

As Donald Trump builds his administration, it’s important to distinguish between his legitimate decisions on personnel and policy - even those that differ substantially from mainstream ones - and

Our Desk | Unified exam is a tumor

While every student around me complains about how bad it is to be in school and sit exams which are fit for only one kind of student, the city’s

The Monetary Authority of Trump

“Politicians don’t talk. They make sounds. It’s just noise.” Character played by Robert Redford “The Candidate” (1972) Donald Trump’s unexpected rise to