Kapok | Everything’s patriotic now!

Patriotism is double-edged: nurture the bond that it entails and it becomes a virtue; make it a blind imperative and venture into dangerous territories in which hierarchies are

Legal Wise by MdME | Land Law: the mystery of the missing tapes

Since my article, “The Failed Land Law”, in MDT of July last year, much has changed, but nothing in the right direction. There is certainly more awareness and a

Made in Macao | Personal Shoppers Without Borders

We often hear comments that there is not much opportunity for career diversity in Macao. While anyone can find a job in this city where the number of unfilled

World Views | Your brain wasn’t built to handle reality

Most Republicans - to be precise, 74 percent, according to a CBS News poll - think it’s very or somewhat likely Donald Trump’s offices were wiretapped, even though

Rear Window | Lucky Number Seven

We are aware that once we are about to enter the popular narrative realm of a fairy tale, the tone is set to “once upon a time.” Similarly, we

Bizcuits | Leadership down

The pivotal role of leadership is in question. Have you been in leadership courses at university, learnt about it in management studies at

Girl About Globe | Daiquiri Daleks

Sci fi has not been good to the female waiting at the bar. It’s when women dematerialize. We’ve all been there. Endlessly lingering. Hopelessly waving. It

Markets Views | The biggest risk from the dollar’s drop may not be what you would guess

A high-risk corner of the USD5.1 trillion-a-day currency market has become the collateral damage of the dollar selloff. Whipsawed by the greenback and confronted by U.S. policy

Our Desk | Be careful from whom you take advice

We all seek advice in many occasions in our lives. Sometimes it’s because we really need someone with expertise to help us to solve a problem or make

Insight | The meat we eat – Kobe’s exception

One of the well-known advantages of living in Macau is that you can, within a relatively short travel period, find yourself in such disparate and enticing locations as

Kapok | Choice matters

Despite all the loathing at the pre-screening of candidates for the 2017 Chief Executive election in Hong Kong, having a somewhat contested selection process, with a few candidates

Made in Macao | Addicted to sleep or staying up late?

These days, I seem to hear more young people saying that their hobby is sleeping. For some, sleeping is not just a hobby, but a ‘talent’. Could it

Macau Matters | The right to privacy and charitable good governance

I have helped local charities publish several annual reports. While published annual reports are very common for charities internationally, very few are done in Macau, which is very

Our Desk | For the well-being of domestic workers

The appalling, horrendous story of abuse that Erwiana faced in Hong Kong as a domestic helper raises awareness of how modern slavery is still present today. I

Rear Window | La La Land

We perceive as good and sound the idea that 2017 will be the year best remembered both in Macau and Hong Kong for setbacks and erosion in the

Bizcuits | Award inflation 

Among the peculiarities of Macau is what seems an exaggerated lauding of certain individuals. In public we tend to bestow labels of “expert”, “specialist”, “media mogul”, “pundit” or