Girl About Globe | ‘Brexit Brow’ and Peak eyelash

Pluck off? No, say British women, holding on tight to their eyebrows. Things are really happening in the field of facial hair. The ‘Brexit brow’ is a

Legal Wise by MdME | LRT: Rolling in the right direction

To criticize the Transportation and Infrastructure Office (GIT), the public entity charged with managing the construction and operation of the Macau Light Rail Transit, has become

Macau Matters | Fixing Macau’s Broken Taxi System

There is ample evidence that the government managed and regulated system of taxi services in Macau is totally broken. A cursory analysis leads me to believe that a

Our Desk | The Macau Constraint

The idea that censorship – particularly state-sponsored censorship – inhibits creative expression and innovation is not a new one. It’s one I have always taken to be true

Rear Window | Bang on a can

It looks like this Year of the Rooster will be a noisy one in Macau! But do not let yourself be mystified by transformative things that are usually

Kapok | The facts, just the facts

With the advent of “alternative facts” and the dereliction of truth, the destructive and all-encompassing reign of opinion has come of age, with emotions as its soldiers. Very

Made in Macao | Post-holiday blues?

After long Christmas and Chinese New Year holidays in the last two months, everything seems to be back to normal. Schools have started, most people are back to

Macau Matters | More Taxi Woes

On February 1, the Macau Daily Times ran an article about a British/Philippine tourist couple who spent 6 hours in the Taipa police station after taking a video

Our Desk | Who cares for the ‘common people’?

It is common to hear that in all kinds of parliaments, legislative assemblies or councils across the planet, the “representatives of the people” are seated. In some

Insight | Hong Kong’s independence debacle

Those that much covet are with gain so fond, For what they have not, that which they possess They scatter and unloose it from their bond, And so, by hoping more, they have

Bizcuits | Bad taxis, bad Macau tourism

The first sign of the trouble was on Facebook – a lady seeking advice for her friends, a British/Filipino couple, embroiled in another Macau taxi saga. The source of

Girl About Globe | Squire for hire

China’s rented boyfriends have a role in eroding Donald Trump’s support base. Here’s how. During Chinese New Year, millions of workers travel home to their families,

Legal Wise by MdME | Avoiding the pitfalls of property transactions

The Macau Real Estate market is reviving at an accelerated pace. A year-on-year comparison last December shows the average price increased 32%, and the number of property

World Views | Four reasons North Korea looms over US defense chief’s Asia trip

North Korea will be casting a dark — and nuclear — shadow over U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ first foray abroad. When Mattis calls on South Korea and

Kapok | The virtues of optimism

For reasons most probably linked to my carefree upbringing, I am resolutely optimistic about human nature, and the capacity for good rather than self-destruction. Given the present context,

Made in Macao | Peach-blossoms-luck

During this time of year when lots of places are decorated with large peach blossom trees, we often see young people running around the trees for luck. This