Macau Matters | Good Crisis Management

The government performance in managing the recent crisis caused by Typhoon Hato has revealed some major problems of governance in Macau. All the textbooks on managing crises, especially

Our Desk | Mob justice

“The face of fear has neither eyes nor ears. It is blind and deaf to all but its own terrors.” (Victor Kelleher) What to make of the

Rear Window | Hato demanding accountability

Before anything else we ought to mourn for the people killed in the Typhoon Hato in the allegedly ill-prepared Macau. We underline as a disclaimer that the overall

Bizcuits | Humanity in Hato

Typhoon Hato, Signal 10, brought with it not only the wrath of nature but anger, sadness and disappointment from our community. The lack of preparation, slow warning systems,

World Views | Unintended consequences of quantitative easing

Quantitative easing, which saw major central banks buying government bonds outright and quadrupling their balance sheets since 2008 to USD15 trillion, has boosted asset prices across the board.

Our Desk | To feel good

A couple of days ago I bumped into an old report that matched perfectly with what my feelings were on the previous days. The story is rooted in

Views on China | China hasn’t yet fixed its outflow problem

By some measures, China has braved the storms buffeting its currency. The yuan is up 4 percent so far this year, and foreign-exchange reserves are up by USD70

Kapok | The letter versus the spirit

A lot has been said already regarding the so-called “clarifications” issued on August 3 by the Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEAL) in relation to the forbidding of so-called “political propaganda”

Made in Macao | Double Seventh Festival: Chinese Valentine’s Day

The seventh month of the lunar calendar is often considered to be the most unlucky time of the year. During this month, when the gate of hell is opened

Macau Matters | Power Grid Level Batteries

A fundamental characteristic of most mains power grids around the world is that at any time the amount of electricity being generated must balance the amount of electricity

Views on Asia | Will North Korea’s Kim pull the trigger? Possible signs to watch

Tensions between the United States and North Korea tend to flare suddenly and fade almost as quickly — but the latest escalation won’t likely go away quite so

Rear Window | Ignore the content

Almost nobody in good faith would doubt the diligence and seriousness with which the Electoral Affairs Commission for the Legislative Assembly Election - aka CAEAL - took the

Bizcuits | Bus driver culture shift

How many of us choked on our Weeties yesterday morning? Raising concerns about the quality of bus services and in particular, drivers’ skills in the legislative

Girl About Globe | Murder and an Orient success?

Hercule Poirot. A name many of us know but we are perhaps uncertain of further detail. If he were to have a Tinder profile (unlikely, but it is

World Views | Google can’t bring itself to tolerate diversity

Over the weekend, a Google engineer named James Damore gained infamy for publishing a 10-page criticism of the company’s “authoritarian” approach to achieving gender diversity. By Monday,

Our Desk | What is it like without Uber?

The exit of Uber in the city has left many residents upset and frustrated, furious and ridiculed. After trying so hard to legalize its service in Macau,

World Views | Google and Facebook emerge as the new media barons

A handful of big technology companies are becoming the next William Randolph Hearst and Walt Disney: They wield enormous power over what news and entertainment get made.

Kapok | The bickerers

The contrast is quite shocking really: on the one hand, legislators who are either appointed or not even elected, but rather endorsed by corporations and traditional associations according to

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