Tea Leaks by Talkers

Talkers confirmed our recent leak about Mecca leaving his post as COO at Galaxy. But our sources are now saying he’s moving out of Cotai. Actually out of Macau. Why?

Artifacts: Ramming the point

It’s that time of year again where everything gets even more chaotic than usual. The world’s largest human migration is firmly underway as the whole of China gets down to

Our Desk | A journey in the city

A boat cruises through the Mekong River as seen from the Lao province of Khammouane, a picture caption published by the Bangkok Post reads. The setting sun’s rays rest gently

Insight: When things aren’t what they seem

1. Álvaro Santos Pereira, a former Portuguese economy minister who now works for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), recently published a book about his experience as a

Kapok | Is that normal?

One thing is certain: it is indeed pervasive! And it is meant to be so! It has almost become a mantra, one that everybody repeats in all circumstances, as if

Tea Leaks by Talkers

  Counselor: Convince of what, for Christ sake? Westray: That this is some sort of coincidence. Because they don’t really believe in coincidences. They’ve heard of them. They’ve just never seen

World Views | Fighting hackers one acronym at a time

Give a warm welcome to the newest member of the U.S.’s national cybersecurity family, the mellifluously named Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center. The new agency, unveiled this week, will be modeled

World Views: More stimulus isn’t the answer to China problems

Few buzz phrases scare economists more than “new paradigm.” If such things existed, Japan would still dominate the world economy, risk would have been eliminated from Wall Street, and the

World Views: Be west-coast American, or east-coast Chinese

A very senior journalist at the Financial Times once said to me: “Be American.” The person meant be positive. Don’t fear failure. Don’t worry about setbacks. Have the courage to

Rear Window: New adjustment

Chan Wai Kuong, the new director of the Judiciary Police, broke the news during PJ’s annual meeting with the local media that gaming-related crimes have increased year-on-year by 16%. Translating

Bizcuits: Now a resident, now you’re not

One of the issues close to the hearts of many of us is our Macau residency status. On the flippant side, there is that secretly held little elitist pleasure of

Tea Leaks by Talkers

Rumor has it that there’s gonna be more changes in “the” industry at high levels. After Adelson announced he will be replacing Tracy at Sands, it seems the waves of

HK Observer: Occupy Fallout

We can surely expect keener monitoring of political dissent here. As another consequence of Occupy Central, we should also expect a ratcheting up of pressure on media and academics to

Artifacts: #I AM KENJI

When I woke up on Sunday to read that the Islamic State had beheaded freelance reporter Kenji Goto, it sent a shiver down my spine knowing that the gruesome reach

Our Desk: Macau – Loulan

During our geography class in high school, our teacher would sometimes share with us his travelling experiences, especially his journeys to mainland China. He went to places like Guangxi and

Insight: The Maldives is here

Reading a feature story about the rising number of Chinese tourists in the Maldives (a group of atolls in the Indian Ocean, south-southwest of India) reminded me of the song

Kapok | Everything in style

This is an ancient dilemma: which one should prevail, substance over form or the opposite? For a very long time substance was always the one considered to be the most

Tea Leaks by Talkers

Even for the gracious standards by which attentive and responsible media abide, the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture enjoys very, very good press. Actually, he makes the most of

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