Kapok | The way ahead is long

Thanks to Linkedin, I sometimes get to read articles about management in general and human relations at work, in particular, that I would otherwise simply brush aside for lack of

Tea Leaks by Talkers

  Go peggy! A casino without power is a lot like a bar with no beer – useless. So there were no doubt a few raised eyebrows across Macau when

HK Observer | TV, HKU and political reform

Several key elements of Hong Kong’s makeup are under threat according to recent news developments. Most importantly unless we get a deal for political reform governance is at stake. Secondly,

World Views: China’s great wall of sand

China is building new harbors and airstrips on various reefs and atolls in the Spratly Islands – facilities that, Beijing confirms, will be used for military as well as civil

World Views | It’s a race, Hillary, start running

At the moment, the competition she enters isn’t much of a race. She has already outmuscled many prospective rivals. She doesn’t quite stand alone, but potential competitors for the Democratic

Rear Window | Idle cash

Conventional wisdom tells us that Macau people are eager to brag about the standard of the services provided by its utilities, or at least admit a better than average level

Bizcuits | Pet Rock of yore

The inventor of the Pet Rock died the other day. In 1975 a strangely uplifting novelty craze inspired by a conversation over a beer was created by Gary Dahl. The

World Views: How not to deal with China

China’s creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the bungled U.S. response have given Beijing a nice diplomatic win. Not hugely consequential in itself, the episode is a case study

World Views: China’s shift to ‘soft power’ brings backers to investment bank

The Chinese government can scarcely believe its own luck. Heaping Asian insult upon Capitol Hill injury, last week Benjamin Netanyahu committed Israel to join Beijing’s new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. While

World Views: Pentagon chief heads east as US tries to maintain Asia focus

Islamic extremists grab parts of Iraq and Syria. Yemen slides into civil war. Iran’s nuclear program strains U.S. relations with Israel. Ukraine fights Russian-backed separatists. At a time of crisis across

Kapok: Going back to politics

Politics in many a modern polity seems to have become taboo; a notion somewhat perceived as coming from the past, when ideologies reigned and ultimately proved to be the inspiration

HK Observer: Asia’s World city, Asia TV and the Singapore factor

The Hong Kong International Film Festival is one of the few remarkable cultural events in the calendar here, in terms of a solid declaration that we are truly Asia’s World

World Views: Debt could derail China’s ambitions

China’s Xi Jinping made a lot of grand promises over the weekend, pledging a new order where China and Chinese-led institutions such as the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank would promote

Our Desk: Our environment needs another Policy Address

It’s that time of the year when the Chief Executive attends the Legislative Assembly plenary meeting to discuss his action plan for 2015. Until April 17, all five government secretaries

Insight | Policy Address: more of the same

Some secretaries may have a reformist purpose, but, as sociology explains, if reformism is not induced from the top, it risks becoming dead letter. The policy address is more of the

Bizcuits | A load of rubbish and the Minimum Wage

Our heroes: during my childhood we called them dustmen. They were fit and strong, and ran beside the trucks flinging lids off metal dust-bins heaving the contents over shoulders into

Tea Leaks by Talkers

Hong Kong production studio, the Shaw Brothers, has recently announced eight new film projects at the Hong Kong FILMART. TVB CEO stated that the eight films that are confirmed for

Vox Parva | Scout oaths and laws are more than the “duty of others”

Recently, debate over the launching of national education has been heating up throughout society. It started on March 20 when “All About Macau”, a local online media source, published news about

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