Q&A | André Couto: ‘I always try to win; that is the team’s objective’


Macau driver André Couto is already a veteran participant in the Macau Grand Prix, having won the F3 race in 2000. The Macanese hero is back, this time behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Huracán GT3s. On the eve of the race’s beginning, Couto was interviewed by Macau journalists and talked about his objectives for the upcoming race.

– What do you expect of your participation in the GT race this year?

André Couto (AC) – Let’s see how I will adapt to the car. I have never raced with this car. It’s not going to be easy but the team is well prepared. Let’s see if I can do something good.

– Which result would be satisfactory?

AC – I always try to win, that is the team’s objective. This must be gradual work, starting with the practice, then the qualifying, the races.

– Have you tested the Lamborghini?

AC – I tested it in Italy for around one hour. It’s better than no training at all. But it was a short time to test the limits of the car. However, it was enough to make an impression about the car. I liked it. At first sight it is more pleasant to drive than the McLaren [which Couto drove last year].

– Are Mercedes and Audi the favorites for the GT race?

AC – I think so, bearing in mind the history that they have in Macau, those are the main teams that are usually fast in Macau. Porsche has a line up of four racers and then there’s Lamborghini. Let’s see what we can pull out.

– How do you assess track conditions?

AC – The tarmac is not good, it is very uneven. If it rains a lot it creates puddles, which don’t help. The tarmac also causes a lot of spray. Nowadays it is possible to choose the type of tarmac. There are circuits that use top quality tarmac, which absorbs the water and reduces the spray. That is safer. Since Macau is dangerous, because it is a city track, I guess it could have top quality tarmac.

– What is your take on the future of motor racing in Macau?

AC – The Macau Grand Prix is a large event and I wish that the best Macau racers could be placed in the main categories. That is not happening a lot. Macau drivers must do a lot of ‘gymnastics’ to be able to be here. I think that is why, for example, Rudolfo [a local driver, surnamed Ávila] will not race this year.

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