Q&A – Pun Weng Kun | President of the organizing committee: Grand Prix preparations went ‘smoothly’


The organizing committee of the 63rd Macau Grand Prix is confident that the event will be a success, citing the team’s immense preparations.

President of the Macau Sports Development Board and organization head Pun Weng Kun told reporters that this year’s edition of the annual racing event would feature several new highlights.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of Wednesday’s welcome dinner for the Grand Prix racers at Fisherman’s Wharf Convention Center, Pun said that preparations to the race weekend had gone ‘smoothly.”

– How are the preparations for the upcoming Grand Prix? Is the organizing committee ready?

Pun Weng Kun (PWK) – There will be a series of exciting races to be presented to the race fans, and to the riders who do all kinds of races from all over the world. The race is prepared, well prepared. Everything is going smoothly.

Until now, all work regarding the race, whether it is software or hardware [material and human resources] was well done and we are looking forward to the race.

– What are the highlights of this year’s edition?

PWK – There are several highlights […] this time, the Formula 3 race is going to be a World Cup. So there will be two world-class races being organized in Macau. These competitions have not been organized in other places around the world.

It is also the 50th anniversary of the Macau Motorcycle Grand Prix so we have already prepared several commemorative events.

Last week, a selection of classic motorcycles was featured in the vehicle show [in Tap Seac Square]. Local cultural and creative artists have created souvenirs that are in line with the Grand Prix. The post office has launched stamps that are also Grand Prix-themed. The Macau Pass has also launched a smartcard design to commemorate the event. On November 19, there will be another classic motorcycle parade at the Grand Prix circuit.

– Are you worried about the weather [rain is predicted for the weekend]?

PWK – Like I said, we have prepared very well from all perspectives for this event; be it accidents or bad weather. We have arranged many different measures to handle situations that could occur [so] we are not worried about the weather.

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